North West’s First Magazine Cover Is Here, and It’s All About Beauty

Kim Kardashian and North West posing making peace signs

As the eldest daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, North West became famous long before she was ever born. Now, at only five years-old, she gets papped like a celebrity quadruple her age. She's the topic of Hollywood speculation and gossip. She even has Instagram fan accounts devoted to keeping track of her every move and mention. To her, fame is more real than her family's TV show.

Today it just became even more real. News just broke that North West (or, rather, her mother) has secured her first ever magazine cover. She's emblazoned across the digital cover of WWD, wearing a variety of bright makeup looks and sleek hairstyles. It makes us wonder, is she the youngest celebrity cover star in history? Should we prepare ourselves to see a brand new North West beauty campaign in the near future? Keep scrolling to see the cover and read how she's predicted to become the unofficial face of the new beauty generation. 

North West on the cover of Women's Wear Daily's Beauty Inc. magazine

Here it is: North West's first ever magazine cover. Notice her hot pink eyeshadow and sleek pigtails. It's a look she's been sporting a lot lately. The same goes for the brightly-colored clothing (perhaps it's learned from Kim Kardashian and her affinity for all things neon). 

According to the accompanying article excerpt, North is predicted to sit at the "forefront" of the new generation. No, it's not Gen Z; it's certainly not the millennial generation; it's a new one, which has been coined "Gen Alpha." Apparently, anyone born after 2010 belongs to this new technologically-minded generation (for reference, North was born in 2013). 

North West featured in Women's Wear Daily's Beauty Inc. magazine wearing a pink tulle outfit

The main difference between Gen Z and Gen Alpha is the latter's inherent familiarity with technology. Members of Gen Z are old enough to at least vaguely remember a time before iPhones, tablets, and the instant gratification of the Internet. Gen Alpha, however, has literally been raised alongside technology—interacting with it in some way, shape, or form, since birth.

So, even though Gen Alpha is currently composed of toddlers, it's not inconceivable to imagine that they will one day redefine, or at least revise, the way the world sees, thinks, and buys beauty products. Judging from the online excerpt, that's the reasoning behind enlisting North to be the magazine's February cover star. 

North West featured in Women's Wear Daily's Beauty Inc. magazine wearing a purple top and pants

We must say, as millennials ourselves, it's a little disconcerting to see a five year-old emblazoned across a magazine cover (I mean, we have house plants that are older than North). It's even tempting to call it premature, seeing as she doesn't seem quite old enough to have a true voice or vision when it comes to establishing her own definition of beauty

With that being said, this is a special case; North West is certainly not a "normal" five year-old. As the daughter of Kim Kardashian and the niece of Kylie Jenner, who are 2 of the most buzzed-about beauty brand owners on the planet, it's only natural to assume she will burgeon into a beauty icon of her own someday. Whether or not she'll still be wearing neon pink eye makeup, we'll have to wait and see. 

North West featured in Women's Wear Daily's Beauty Inc. magazine wearing a purple top and pants, and holding a purple umbrella

We'll have to wait for "someday" to come before we can know for sure, but based on this cover alone, we're assuming North West will follow in her mom and aunt's footsteps to become a household name. We wouldn't even be surprised to see a beauty campaign or collaboration come to fruition in the future. After all, securing a magazine cover at five years-old is certainly ahead of the curve. 

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