Nordstrom Is Switching Up Its Beauty Department in a Big Way

Today, wellness and beauty are more intertwined than ever. And it makes sense. When you're taking care of yourself, you feel your best. When you feel your best, you look and feel beautiful. It's taken a long time for the beauty industry to make the slow turn toward wellness, but we're all here for it. (Just look at beauty brands like RMS and Deciem, both of which produce their own line of beauty supplements.)

Nordstrom, one of our all-time favorite shopping destinations, is the latest beauty retailer to focus on incorporating more wellness products onto its shelves—whether IRL or virtually. According to InStyle, the retailer is focusing more of its attention on what it's calling "Well Beauty." These are products that intersect the line between makeup, hair, skincare, and wellness—think of categories like aromatherapy and supplements. Yes, they may benefit your skin or your hair or your makeup, but they'll also benefit your mind and body.

Nordstrom has already started this beauty department makeover, though we're expecting to see more as time goes on. In celebration, here are a few of our favorite beauty/wellness products that are available right now.