Goodbye Coastal Grandmother Summer, Hello Nora Ephron Fall

Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally

Hulton Archive / Getty Images

This summer, the “Coastal Grandmother” aesthetic won over hearts and minds by way of TikTok. Influencer, Lex Nicoleta coined the term in the spring of this year, and millions of views later, linen button downs, striped sweaters, and cream colored anything flew off J.Crew’s shelves and landed safely on our Instagram feeds.

Though Coastal Grandmother’s impact is far from over, breezy linen is not quite sturdy enough to keep out cooler autumn air. To satisfy cozy cravings, the internet has dubbed this season “Nora Ephron Fall” also known as “Meg Ryan Autumn” depending on your side of social media.  These two aesthetics are different only in the ways that they are the same. If Coastal Grandmother’s patron saint is Nancy Meyers, Nora Ephron fall's is, well, Nora Ephron. Switching between the two is as simple as changing the channel from It’s Complicated to When Harry Met Sally. Instead of drawing on images of airy kitchens and shiny lemons in a bowl, this aesthetic conjures up chunky knits, crunching leaves, and the smell of leather.

Below, we reference some of the most iconic looks from your favorite Nora Ephron films, specifically When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, and You’ve Got Mail (A.K.A. your favorite rom-coms of all time) and giving you tips on how you can copy looks for yourself. 

Chunky Sweaters

Many rom-com leading ladies have become mainstays for outfit inspiration—Kate Hudson in How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days, Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada, Jennifer Lopez in just about anything, but few leading men can inspire that same style envy. Though, admittedly, Billy Crystal is no ordinary leading man. His creamy cable knit sweater is not only cozy, but it is effortlessly chic. Pair this with a smart pair of trousers for an office-friendly 'fit or high-waisted jeans for a casual weekend uniform.

Statement Hats

Replace your knit beanies with a wool hat this autumn. While we can’t promise your curls will perfectly pop against the curved rim like Ryan’s, we can ensure a cozy cap will pull any fall outfit together.

Sleek Trousers

A sharp pair of trousers are a welcome addition to any work wardrobe, but something about Meg Ryan standing under orange and crimson leaves in Riverside park makes us want to spend our Saturdays in slacks. The looser fitting silhouette ensures a comfortable fit, and the high-waisted cut creates an hourglass shape.

Oversized Blazers

Our one last plea to copy this outfit ASAP. An oversized blazer instantly adds a level of sophistication to any outfit, even black leggings and tube socks. For a classic fit, look for a blazer in neutral tones or prints, but if you are looking to make a statement, try a bold color like a hot pink or bright lilac. 

Sweater Vests

Kathleen Kelly may have worked as a bookshop owner in You’ve Got Mail, but her personal style could’ve landed her a market editor position at Vogue. The collar of her crisp white button down poking out of the top is the bookkeeper’s kiss. Beyond sartorial flair, a sweater vest is a practical investment. It helps trap heat around your midsection, so you won’t shiver during your commute. A win-win.

Staple Coats

One of the best parts of fall fashion is outerwear. Reason being, the right coat can cover a number of sins. A caramel-colored trench coat looks smart and sophisticated no matter what you are wearing underneath—hello, athleisure.  


Unlike a pair of knee-high stilettos, loafers are the fall shoe that keeps on giving. Sleek, timeless, and comfortable, these shoes are guaranteed to be your autumn go-tos. I mean, do you really think Kathleen could carry that pumpkin across the Upper West Side with blisters on her feet?

Elevated Groufits

Sleepless in Seattle star, Annie Reed, played by Meg Ryan, basically invented the groutfit. In the spirit of all things cozy, this comforting look is not only perfect for a rainy fall afternoon spent rewatching some of your favorite rom-coms, but also running to the store to pick up some apple cider-scented candles.

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