3 Nail Polish Brands That Won't Mess With Your Hormones

This may forever be known as the year we learned to seriously question our manicure habits. After The New York Times' major exposé on nail salon conditions last spring, earlier this month a groundbreaking study by researchers at Duke University and Environmental Working Group revealed that most nail polishes contain triphenyl phosphate (also known as TPHP), an endocrine disruptor that can actually cause weight gain, reproductive issues, and other hormonal problems. And, yes—just one manicure is enough to impact your body.

Sadly, the study listed many of our favorite brands as culprits, which raised the question: Which brands are safe? So we set out to create an illustrious list of 100% TPHP-free polishes to stand by.

And then, we ran into trouble. Many brands not listed on the study still contain TPHP, for one thing—even those that pride themselves on being low in other toxins. Scarier still, as EWG points out, some brands simply don't disclose that their formulas contain the chemical. In fact, two of the eight brands containing TPHP in the study didn't list it in their ingredients.

So while our search didn't give us quite the variety that we had hoped for, we did manage to nail down (so to speak) a handful of brands that offer polishes we can actually confirm as TPHP-free. And now that this study has come to light, we think (hope?) that only more brands will follow.

Keep reading to see which nail polish brands can promise a safe manicure.