10 Lip Glosses That Won't Stick to Your Hair, Face, Life

Lip gloss is a wonderful, wonderful thing. It's shiny and shimmery, glinty and ethereal. It can be sultry or subtle, and oftentimes it'll even plump your lips as you wear it. A lot of the time, lip gloss can also be sticky. So much so that we have horror stories of our hair, faces, and any other opposable limbs getting stuck, smudged, or practically glued to the product on our lips. It's annoying—especially on a windy day—and we're done dealing with it.

Luckily, cosmetics companies have gotten the hint. Brands have started formulating offerings that are lightweight, moisturizing, and, yes, you guessed, non-sticky. So to celebrate, we've rounded up our favorites of the lot, each one off ering up long-lasting wear, pretty shades, and a lot less goop. Keep scrolling for our picks.