When Did Everyone Stop Taking Birth Control?

Birth control (like Leonardo DiCaprio) is just one of those topics that come up. Be it over a glass of wine with friends or during a casual conversation with acquaintances, lots of women love to talk about birth control. The CDC’s most recent data on contraceptive use (2006 to 2010) states that 62% of women are using some form of birth control, with 10.6 million women in America using the pill. So, yes. There's plenty of shared experience to draw on. Whether we had the exact same experience or the complete opposite, the mention of birth control sparks an honest and open conversation—a lot of it. Throughout those many conversations, we’ve noticed a growing trend. More and more women are ditching hormonal birth control. (Fun fact: The photo on this page was created using pills Byrdie team members had stopping taking.) Perhaps it’s because since it was first approved in 1960, the pill has been the most visible form of birth control, next to condoms—which we’d just like to add are a good idea no matter what form of birth control you use (#safesex). But now more than ever, women are exploring their options, and they’re more than willing to talk about it.

Scroll through for tales of birth control trials and tribulations from real women in their 20s and 30s.