The Best Non-Drying Matte Lipsticks—With Photos to Prove It

You twist up the lipstick bullet, ooh and ahh at the pretty color, swatch it, and surprise—it’s matte! Your obsession with the newfound lip color instantly increases fourfold. At least that’s how the new lipstick scenario usually goes down at Byrdie HQ. (To say we love matte lipstick would be the understatement of the year.) However, there is a less joyful part of that scenario that occurs later—sometimes much later, sometimes shortly after the love-at-first-sight moment we just described—namely dryness. When the dryness kicks in, the color settles into lip lines, the flakiness starts, and the love affair ends. No matte lip color—no matter how pigmented or long-lasting—is worth peeling lips. Every so often, you find a diamond in the rough—a matte lipstick that surprises you and doesn’t wreak havoc on your lips.

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