5 Handbag Colors That Go With Everything (and Aren't Black)

Break the all-black pattern with these stylish choices.

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While dressing in all black makes for easy morning dressing, I’ve learned it is horrible for my mood. There are some occasions where head-to-toe black attire is unavoidable, but I always have to inject some color into my look through my accessories. For this reason, I don’t even own an all-black handbag. Rounding out my outfit with a vibrant handbag is an easy way to add some joy to my look. Whether it’s a yellow satchel or a knit red mini bag, I’ve been known to tote around bags of all colors. And speaking of an all-black outfit: a colorful handbag looks great with that. To help you add some pizazz to your day-to-day looks, I’ve laid out five exciting handbag colors that are incredibly versatile and fun.

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Red is probably the most neutral of the colors on this list. It adds a fantastic pop of color to your outfit without being too bold. I would argue that red goes with everything as it’s essentially a seasonless color (unlike black, which is quite a bummer in summer). If you’re feeling daring, you can lean into the red aesthetic fully and opt for a head-to-toe cherry ensemble.

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When it comes to colorful accessories, yellow is quite a versatile color, too. I recently snagged a yellow Telfar bag, and looking at it always brings a smile to my face. I specifically enjoy pairing yellow handbags with neutral clothing and gold jewelry.

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If you want to really experiment with color, go for a green handbag. While perusing the market for this story, I found myself gravitating towards green purses. In terms of turning up the volume of an outfit, a green handbag does just that in one fell swoop.

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Purple handbags can range from deep magenta hues to bright lilac shades. Darker purples feel neutral, while pastel versions make more of a statement. Bottom line: The addition of a purple handbag makes any outfit more playful and cheery.

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Orange has a range of hues—from bright citrus to burnt tonal. It is a shockingly adaptable color and while it certainly can be worn year-round, I prefer to wear my orange handbags during the warmer months.

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