No, Your Skin Does Not Breathe and Other Skin Care Myths Busted

Updated 02/15/17
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Let's Bust Some Skin Care Myths

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When it comes to our skin there are quite a few myths that keep going around and around even though they are far from true.  Does our skin really need to breathe?  Do our pores open and close?  What about - if your mother or grandmother have beautiful skin you will too, right? Do facial exercises keep your skin looking young?   Keep reading to learn what is true and what isn't when it comes to our skin.

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Our Skin Does Not Breathe

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How many times have you heard someone say "I'm not wearing any make-up so that my skin can breathe"?  Or read that a celebrity said the same thing?  The truth is - our skin does not breathe.  The very top layer of our skin is made up of dead skin cells, lower down in our skin there are "live" skin cells that are nourished by our blood not by the air.  This myth seems to be tied up with yet another skin care myth which is that make-up is bad for your skin and will clog your pores.  As long as you choose the right make-up for your skin type - for example oil free foundation if you have oily or acne prone skin - there is no reason not to wear make-up. In addition, make sure you remove all your make-up thoroughly at the end of the day by doing a double cleanse.  Yes, using the wrong type of make-up for your skin can lead to breakouts and blackheads.  If you feel that your skin is suffocating when you wear make-up just switch to a different kind of make-up.   There are more than enough types of foundations to choose from that you certainly do not need to stay with one that doesn't feel good on your skin.

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Pores Do Not Open and Close

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Another persistent skin care myth is that our pores can open and close.  We want to open our pores in order to deep clean them and once we clean out our pores they will shrink and close. Perhaps you've heard that you should steam your skin in order to open your pores.  Here's the thing - your pores do not and never will open and close.  It's that simple.  A pore is an opening at the surface of the skin, it is not a door.  You cannot change the size of your pores or open them by steaming your face over a pot of boiling water.  Pore size is actually determined by genetics.  When you get a facial and the esthetician uses steam before performing extractions she is simply softening the oil in your pores so that the blackheads will come out more easily when she performs extractions.  Pores can stretch if they are clogged with oil and dead skin cells.  Once all that is cleared from the pore they pore might appear smaller but it hasn't shrunk or closed in the process.  

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Genetics Only Play A Small Part In How Your Skin Ages

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Many people like to attribute their young looking skin to genetics.  If your mother or father looked younger than their age so will you, right?  Wrong.  Only about 20% of how our skin ages is tied to genetics.  We can actually control about 80% of how our skin ages.  Too much sun exposure, smoking cigarettes, constantly being stressed out, eating poorly, and neglecting to follow a good skin care routine will age your skin.  Ultimately, the choices we make on a daily basis when it comes to caring for our skin are what determine how our skin will age, not the genetic make-up we received from our parents.  Though for many people it would be great and easy if skin aging was left to genetics such is not the case.  Make smart skin care choices and you'll enjoy healthy, younger looking skin for longer.

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Facial Exercises Do Not Work

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Facial exercises are exactly what they sound like - moving parts of the face in different directions and contortions in order to lift and tone the skin on the face.  There are those who believe that facial exercises will lead to a younger looking face. Unfortunately this is not the case.  When you perform facial exercises you do repetitive moves that can actually cause wrinkles instead of preventing them.  Your skin begins to sag because it loses collagen and elastin as we age (among other reasons for skin aging) but working the muscles on your face won't stop that process.  Instead consider giving yourself a facial massage on daily basis since a massage not only promotes relaxation but also increases blood flow and circulation to your skin which will help your skin look and feel its best for longer.

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