How Much Makeup Do You Need for a Likable Selfie?

It’s no secret—I love makeup. I love waking up early, surveying my product collection, and ceremoniously decorating my face. I like layering eye shadows, I like lining my lips, I like nailing the perfect cat eye. Hell, I even like applying false lashes. I truly enjoy scrolling through social media and binging on YouTube tutorials for inspiration. I like finishing a look, taking a step back, and admiring the transformation. I like peppering my Instagram with images of my best work. I have a genuine respect and appreciation for makeup. Plus, it’s just so pretty.

That said, I try to take a step back once in a while and think about why I love makeup this much. I reflect to make sure I’m doing it for myself, as a creative outlet, not to please anyone else. Admittedly, I do feel less confident without makeup. But I can’t quite tell whether that’s because I feel like it’s intrinsic to my self-expression or because I simply feel like people won’t think I’m pretty if I go makeup-free.

I was interested in taking a deeper look into the relationship between makeup as an art form and makeup as a tool to gain approval from others, particularly on social media. To learn more, I spoke with a young Instagram influencer who has a unique perspective on the topic. To learn more about the connection between makeup, confidence, and social media, read on.