Whenever I Get Compliments on My Skin, This Is the Makeup I'm Wearing

I'm not against wearing makeup at all. In fact, I love applying product and watching it transform my skin, brows, and lingering under-eye circles. But I do hate putting it on during the day, especially in the early morning, and choose to opt out most of the time. I like my skin and feel empowered by the fact that I don't shy away from a bare face, because after all, it's tough out there for a woman and her natural features. Usually, I'll do my (semi-complicated) skincare routine, apply a bit of lip balm for moisture, and head out the door. But then there are days when I want to feel especially polished, or more often, I'll have to apply makeup to photograph for a piece I'm writing. In those cases, I always do the same routine using a few of my favorite no-makeup makeup products. Each one offers a really good formula and very little fuss and is easy to apply either in my bathroom mirror or at my desk. 

Below, find all those aforementioned offerings, in order of use, and exactly why each works for me. My skin is relatively unproblematic (though I work hard to keep it that way), very pale, combination in type, and can get puffy or sallow-looking without enough hydration. My under-eyes are my biggest thing, so I always keep a concealer handy and look for formulas that'll plump fine lines and stay out of creases. After tons of research and exactly seven years in the business, these are the products that have consistently floated to the top of the pile. Keep scrolling to read about each one.