A French Makeup Artist Shows Us How to Do Glossy Lids That Don't Smear

Glossy lids and dewy skin have been the cool-girl makeup look for a hot minute now. (Here at Byrdie, we've been systematically tossing our powder eye shadow palettes in favor of creams, liquid, and sometimes straight-up lip gloss—or lid-gloss, as we like to call it). There's nothing that reads summertime like a clean, hydrated complexion and gooey, glistening eyelids that look as if they've been drenched in alien water. Sadly, glossy lids aren't always as practical as they are pretty. That is to say, they can get really messy really fast, ruining the rest of your makeup, especially in the summer when makeup is prone to melting anyway.

So the following makeup tutorial really comes at the perfect time. In the video below, French celebrity makeup artist Melanie Inglessis shows us exactly how to execute a no-makeup makeup look that's sheer and glowy, but still modern and futuristic, like so much of the cool makeup we've been seeing this year. Toward the end of the tutorial, Inglessis also gives her secrets for nailing a shimmery glossy lid that won't smear all over the place. (Note: She uses a Pat McGrath eye gloss that's unsurprisingly sold out everywhere, but try Kevyn AuCoin's version—it's super similar).

Want to look like a French alien? (Hint: You do.) Watch the makeup tutorial!