8 Quick and Easy Hairstyles (No Heat Required)

Normally when we think of heat-free hairstyles, it’s in desperation, when the pain and agony of styling our hair in the sweltering heat get to be too much. When we point a blow-dryer at our heads in the middle of July, it might as well be an actual weapon. But those days are still quite distant, so let’s focus on the positive.

Heat-free hairstyles shouldn’t just be a summer styling method—planning a few tool-free styles a week gives your strands a break from the damage that hair dryers, straighteners, and irons wreak on your mane. The best part is that even if you’re pressed for time in the morning (as we often are), you can still put together a beautiful style with minimal effort. Keep scrolling for some heatless styling inspiration!

Tell us below: Which hairstyle would you like to wear when no heat is involved?