Ruby Rose Interviews Nina Dobrev About Mental Health, Dieting, and Saying No

Somewhere in the French countryside, on an evening train headed into the sunset, actress Nina Dobrev receives a FaceTime audio call from her friend Ruby Rose. It’s a marvel of modern technology: Rose is connecting from nearly 6000 miles away in Los Angeles, but after a short series of “Can you hear me?” back and forth, the two voices come through crystal clear. (Though Dobrev does her best to speak softly—the French, after all, are less than keen on loud Americans, even ones fluent in the language, which Dobrev has been since childhood, in addition to English and Bulgarian, her native tongue). In an attempt to unplug, the former Vampire Diaries star would ordinarily never answer such a call. “I famously get on planes, and every single time I tell my whole team that the Wi-Fi was broken on the flight,” she confesses to Rose. “But I think at this point, after so many flights, they know that I’m just lying. I just don’t want to talk to them.”

This phone call is a special exception, however. Because 29-year-old Dobrev and 32-year-old Rose are best friends. The two performers met on the set of the action film they shot two years ago, XXX: Return of Xander Cage, and instantly clicked. “On most films, you can hit it off during filming, but then often when it’s over, that’s kind of it,” Rose says toward the end of their conversation. “You move on to different projects and you keep in contact, but you don’t always end up with a friendship as real as ours.”

Over the course of 30 minutes, we had the rare pleasure of eavesdropping on a candid interview between the two celebs—“kindred spirits,” as they call themselves—in which Rose asked Dobrev to get real about everything from meditation to fitness to career to toxic Hollywood friendships. Keep reading to drop in on their gripping conversation.