16 Times Nina Dobrev Had the Best Hair Ever

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Nina Dobrev knows good hair. We've seen her rock super-short bobs, sky-high topknots and even a bouncy blow-dry that could rival the Kate Middleton's, and she clearly has the number of a hairstylist we'd want on speed dial. In fact, having trawled through the archives, we can tell you that Dobrev's not shy to experiment.

And though she's never drastically changed up her colour, she does provide us with a hefty dose of hair inspo when it comes to styling. There's been chic red carpet buns, deep side parts, blingy metallic braids and blunt, choppy fringes. So if you're in need of inspiration, we're pleased to say you've come to the right place.

Sit back, relax and prepare to take a trip down memory lane. Here are our favourite hairstyles Nina Dobrev has worn.

Nina Dobrev hairstyles: wavy lob
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Ah, the classic wavy lob. Is there a better way of styling hair that's this length? We don't think so.

Nina Dobrev hairstyles: ballerina bun
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Here is perfect ballerina bun teamed with a gorgeous plum-coloured lip. Top marks.

Nina Dobrev hairstyles: curly updo
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Not your average updo. This curlier option twists, loops and knots pieces into place, leaving Dobrev's hair looking thick, glossy and glorious.

Nina Dobrev hairstyles: flipped parting
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The easiest way to update your shoulder-length look? Say hello to the flip-over. Part your hair deep on one side and blast with dry texturising spray. Et voilà.

Nina Dobrev hairstyles: super-sleek style
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A super-sleek style like this shows off just how good Dobrev's hair is. The simple wave and extra volume around the crown give it extra oomph. You can get your hair glossy like this by using a nourishing mask like Living Proof Restore Mask (£37) before blow-drying.

Nina Dobrev hairstyles: choppy bob
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This is edgier than her usual style, but Dobrev rocked this blunt bob with an equally choppy fringe just last year in 2017.

Nina Dobrev hairstyles: accessories
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If you're after hair accessory inspiration, let Dobrev be your guide. We love the combo of this hairstyle with her starry hair slide and smoky eyes. Re-create the look with these hairpins.

Nina Dobrev hairstyles: Hollywood bob
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For a classic red carpet look, we love Dobrev's mega-sleek bob with a deep side part.

Nina Dobrev hairstyles: Old Hollywood waves
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Is there anything better than Old Hollywood waves on the red carpet? We love this hairstyle paired with a strong red lip and fluttery false lashes.

Nina Dobrev hairstyles: bouncy blowdry
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With a bouncy blow-dry like this, we're not 100% sure Dobrev doesn't have some royal blood in her. Kate Middleton, is that you?

Nina Dobrev hairstyles: bubble pony
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Okay, so we might need to rope in a friend to help us with this bubble ponytail, but we reckon it's worth it.

Nina Dobrev hairstyles: half bun
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This is a relaxed but totally styled look. Dobrev's combo of a red lip and half-up topknow is one of our all-time favourites.

Nina Dobrev hairstyles: metallic braids
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Dobrev went all-out rock chic when she presented the 2016 American Music Awards with these undercut metallic braids.

Nina Dobrev hairstyles: faux-pixie crop
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Did she go for the chop? No. This is what we like to call the faux pixie crop. Tricksy.

Nina Dobrev hairstyles: plaited parting
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Plaited partings aren't just for festivals, as Dobrev proves here. Teamed with loose waves, a plaited parting makes for an easy everyday hair update.

Nina Dobrev hairstyles: wavy crop
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This is how you do a Hollywood crop. The perfect waves, side-swept fringe and the killer shine make for a winning combination.

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