Guess Which Celeb You Can Work Out With for Free This Weekend

Have you ever wanted to work out with Kevin Hart? Now you have the opportunity to break a sweat with the funnyman himself and none other than Nike on Sunday morning. Be sure to reserve your (free!) spot soon to get a chance to work out like you never have before. [Nike]

Heat protectants: Are they really necessary? Here’s the truth. [SheFinds]

Katie Meade, a Special Olympics athlete who was born with Down syndrome, is not afraid to break the current perception of beauty. She recently landed a major beauty campaign and is now the face of haircare line Beauty & Pin-Ups. [Huffington Post]

Hair and skincare line Shea Moisture is launching a campaign that brings awareness to the struggle women of color face when navigating the beauty aisles. The hashtag #BreaktheWalls has gone viral, along with a one-minute video highlighting the issue. [Essence]

When it comes to mascara, the shape of the wand is just as important as the formula. Korean brand Too Cool for School has launched a new mascara that has an adjustable wand that fits your needs and coats every lash without clumps. The wand goes from being perfectly straight to lash-huggingly curvy with just a turn of a dial. [InStyle]

Recently we put out a list of what nail polishes best suit you, based on your zodiac sign. Now that you’ve found your power shade of the month, find out what nail art design best suits your sign. []

Dark circles can be tricky to cover up with makeup, and buying different creams to get rid of them is a pricey endeavor. Luckily, there are seven at home remedies—straight from your kitchen—that lighten that pesky darkness in no time. [PureWow]

Beauty vloggers on YouTube tend to be young 20-somethings or teens with millions of fans who share their latest product hauls and makeup tutorials. Now, there’s a rise in beauty vloggers over the age of 40 who show off their favorite makeup products, looks, and fitness advice. Who said only the young can have all the fun? [Huffington Post]

We’ve all grown up hearing that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But according to a recent study, eating a morning meal makes no significant difference in the amount of weight one loses. What?! [PureWow]

Make sure you’re not eating this “healthy” fruit for breakfast.