7 Things Girls With Good Skin Do Before Bedtime


Sleeping Beauty had the right idea. So much can be accomplished in the hours we snooze and let our bodies reset for the new day ahead. When it comes to your beauty routine, how you prep for bedtime can greatly impact the state of your skin when you awake in the morning. "A sound nighttime skincare routine is vital to our skin health," says board-certified dermatologist Arash Akhavan, MD, FAAD, the owner and founder of The Dermatology & Laser Group. To help you optimize your evening beauty routine, we've rounded up the top bedtime habits of girls with good skin and had Akhavan weigh in with his insight on the importance of each.

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They Remove Their Makeup

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The first thing girls with good skin do at the end of any day is to remove every bit of their makeup. Use a gentle but effective makeup remover to fully cleanse your face from any cosmetics before moving on to washing your face. Makeup removers are specifically designed to break down stubborn formulas that your daily facial cleanser may not fully eliminate.

They Wash Their Face

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"It should go without saying, but the most important step at night is to thoroughly cleanse away impurities that our face has been exposed to," Akhavan says. "I see patients in my practice every week with acne and skin infections that are caused by nothing more than skipping this important step."

Washing your face isn't enough. You should invest in cleansing products suited to the needs of your skin. Still, of utmost importance is "making sure that your pores are free of makeup, sweat, dirt, and oil that it has collected throughout the day," Akhavan says. "I often suggest to my patients to cleanse their face right when they get home before they get too sleepy and forget to care for their skin."

They Apply an Anti-Aging Product

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Whatever age you are, it's never too early to get a head start on preventive anti-aging products. "Once your skin is thoroughly cleansed, it is the perfect time to apply your favorite anti-aging product," Akhavan says. He suggests taking advantage of some more potent formulas that are best applied overnight. "Most products designed to even out skin tone and improve skin texture cause sensitivity to the sun, and bedtime is the perfect time to apply these products," he says. Akhavan recommends a vitamin C cream "to even out skin tone" and a good retinol product "to generate and replenish collagen."

They Use a Moisturizer Suited to Their Skin

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"Bedtime is also a great time to apply a moisturizer to rehydrate your skin," Akhavan says. Just as with anti-aging products, the evening allows us to up the ante with our moisturizers. "At night we have the opportunity to use richer skin creams that may not sit as well with makeup or may look too shiny for daytime," Akhavan says. "Cleansed off in the morning with a gentle skin cleanser, these creams leave your skin looking hydrated, fresh, and dewy throughout the day."

They Drink Water, Not a Nightcap

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An obvious but highly important nighttime tip Akhavan suggests for maintaining healthy skin is to make sure you stay hydrated with adequate water intake throughout the day, but especially before bedtime.

They Let Go of Their Worries

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This might not seem to fall under skincare rituals, but taking care of your mental state will have noticeable effects on the state of your skin. Take some "me time" before bed to journal. If you're having a hard time putting pen to paper, simply make lists of things that are worrying you and things for which you're grateful. The former will be a welcome release of stress and the latter will help to make gratitude at the center of your mind before you get some shut-eye.

They Sleep on Their Backs

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The quality of your sleep is also essential to waking up with clearer, more radiant skin. Making sure to sleep on your back can prevent pressing your skin into hair product debris that can aggravate the skin. As Akhavan says, your face will be exposed to your pillowcase all night long. "As hair products can often be transmitted to your pillowcase before finding their way onto your facial skin, make sure your hair products have either been washed off or tie your hair back to minimize exposure."

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