Watch Byrdie and Allure Editors Swap Going-Out Makeup Routines

As beauty editors, we may try a lot of products and experiment with our looks fairly regularly, but like most people, we pretty much stick to our routines. Sure, the lip color may change depending on mood, but for the most part, we know what we like. We like our foundation. We like how we apply it—and where we apply it. Then again, maybe some of us don’t like foundation at all. Which is just one of the fun facts we learned while swapping makeup routines with our friends over at Allure.

Let’s back up—the challenge was as follows: Three members of team Byrdie in L.A. were independently matched up with three members of the Allure team in NYC. Each person sent her match a makeup bag filled with her going-out essentials along with instructions. Yesterday, we opened our mystery makeup bags (no peeking, I swear!) and attempted our match’s routine. Along the way, we learned that going-out makeup involves more product for the L.A.-based editors. One of those products was foundation, which was not on the agenda at all for two of the three NYC-based editors. We also discovered differences in application technique (fingers versus Beautyblender)—but before I give it all away, you should just watch the video below to see how we fared!

Keep scrolling to see photos of the final looks and a breakdown of all the products used in the video!