Exclusive: Nicole Richie Swears By This $18 Mood-Boosting Supplement for PMS

Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie/ Design by Cristina Cianci

If you could wrap a spiritual healer, budding rapper, veggie crusader, and voter enthusiast into one person, that person is Nicole Richie. And while it may sound like she’s doing the most, she admits she's spent this time doing very little—she's just trying to get through it all. Part of that is taking care of her sexual and reproductive health.

Richie partnered with vitamin brand Olly to launch launch their “Future Is Female” collection, which focuses on the needs of women during this time. That includes sex drives, periods, and mental health—all in a safe space.

On what's been helping her stay sane...

“It's important for me to operate from a place of sanity. I have to be a mom and work with people—I can't walk around being a monster [during my period]. I’m really into Olly’s Miss Mellow ($18) vitamins, as they support and balance your mood. Also, I've never really given Lovin’ Libido ($18) any real love until today, but it was right in front of me and it looked appetizing. So I would say, even if you're not into it, give it a chance. It's got some star power.”

Miss Mellow Olly vitamins
Olly Miss Mellow $18

Her keys to wellness in 2020...

“It's become important for me to stretch every day, and to find a moment to be outside. Between the Zooms and Instagram Lives, I'm definitely sitting more. Being active is something I do have to work a little bit harder at these days. I'm don't have a fitness routine because my life is so all over the place, with the kids in Zoom school. I like taking time for myself to read and connect back to myself.

“I like using lavender oil. It keeps me calm. I put it on the bottom of my feet. I'm not a huge makeup person, so I lean into skincare products when I'm at home. My vibe is some moisturizer, face oil, and leave-in-conditioner in my hair. I think we all want to feel good, especially in moments like this. So, whatever that is, you should do it. For some people, it's a red lip. For me, I like my hair to be put together and have my skincare applied.”

eQua yoga mat towel
equa mat towel $40

On this monumental election …

“[Ruth Bader Ginsburg] was yet another loss this year, and a big loss. I have hope even when I'm looking on social media and I see all the photos and quotes. Here's what is so powerful about social media: There are people that aren't as familiar with her and can still get her energy through her words. I'm hoping people everywhere become more inspired to vote. Just get out there and vote—I hope that's what comes out of this.”

Ruth Bader Ginsberg book
Simon & Schuster My Own Words by Ruth Bader Ginsberg $30

On the beauty inspiration behind her rap alter ego…

“Nikki Fre$h needs a headpiece at all times. She also wears way more heels. I have plantar fasciitis (inflammation of a thick band of tissue that connects the heel bone to the toes) and can't take it. Nikki can [laughs]. She wears a lot of bright colors. The color palette always starts with a focus on a part of the earth—blue for the ocean, green for asparagus or just a tiny head of broccolini. You never know.”

“There's just so much food being thrown away. All for superficial reasons. That, compared to how many people are starving in the world, is unacceptable. We're throwing away so much food and hopefully we can change that.”

PrettyLittleThing turban
PrettyLittleThing Leopard Palm Print Turban $12

On her stress-free body care routine...

“I use grape seed oil in the shower. I use it with gloves on. My mom never let me leave my house without lotion and oil on my body. I do a little grape seed oil all over in the shower, after my soap. That's my body care routine.”

Now Solutions Grapeseed Oil
Now Solutions Grapeseed Oil $12

On what she was doing while everyone was baking bread...

“People were doing lots of things. I feel like I did less. I do find that it's quieted my mind. Normally, I come home and like to cook for my kids. Now, I’ve been ordering more takeout. I've watched a lot of shows. I've probably seen every show on Netflix and Amazon Prime—all of them [laughs]. We're in survival mode. I keep telling myself that even now.

“There are so many different versions of what people are going through at this time. I could never wholeheartedly say I'm thriving. I think we all are connected, and how can you thrive when there’s some real suffering going on right now? I'm a virgo, so this level of limited social interaction is very healing for me. There have been highs and there have been lows. So yeah, I would definitely say surviving and taking it day by day.”

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