Nicole Richie Predicts Lots of '70s Earth Tones for Fall

The House of Harlow 1960 designer dishes on the trends.

Nicole Richie

Photo Credit: Jordan Knight

Before there were multi-hyphenates, there were the reality stars of the early 2000s. Those days seem far behind the Nicole Richie we know today. While she's now more known for her stellar reading lists and passion for gardening, she’s still as hilarious and well dressed as she was on The Simple Life, just with fewer halter tops.

Drawing inspiration from far beyond the early 2000s, Richie channeled the ease of the '70s for this season’s House of Harlow 1960 collection. “I focus on the feeling of effortlessness, celebration, and fun,” she explains when asked how she stays true to the brand’s ethos with every new collection. “House of Harlow is a brand that is inspired by vintage, '70s music, and an appreciation for self-expression through dress." 

Nicole Richie's easygoing L.A. style is infused in House of Harlow 1960's aesthetic, but that doesn't mean she's willing to give up on outerwear. "I am dying to wear the coats, but I live in L.A. and I don’t see it happening anytime soon," she explains. "Someone take me somewhere!" This fall's collection for House of Harlow 1960 is all about the transportation that happens at home—through good music, treasured friends, and the beauty of nature. "My biggest inspiration this year has been my relationship to nature," Richie says. "I think everyone has had a chance to appreciate it in a new way over the past year." Her well-documented backyard chickens are the perfect case study of what good taking time offline can inspire.

"As we get back out into the rhythm of our lives, I hope we stay connected to the earth and nature and make it a part of whatever is next," Richie shares. The rich tones and moody textures in her fall line speak to that connectedness. "That’s what I want people to feel through this presentation."

Nicole Richie

Photo Credit: Jordan Knight

Earth Tones That Soothe

Organic hues give a grounding feel to any outfit. Opt for ochres, rust, or olive green and look for natural fibers—like cotton or linen. Try out a longer hemline than you're used to. A drapey silhouette layered in earth tones is very Nicole Richie.

Animal Print That Punctuates

Taking cues from the 1970s, nothing animates an earth tone outfit more brilliantly than animal print. This season, look for it popping up in accessories and tops, but especially in outerwear. Try out the trend with a duster, another Nicole Richie staple. Don't be afraid to mix the pattern with other colors. But if you're a first timer, an all black outfit underneath is an easy way to warm up.

Menswear Tailoring That Transforms

This season's House of Harlow 1960 collection doesn't depend totally on the '70s. Say hello to the unforgettable menswear tailoring of the '90s. Whether in matching sets or worn with jeans, the look feels immediately pulled together. Keep the tailoring tight in the waist and don't be afraid of drama in the leg. Keep it playful—try a suit vest! Pull out the belt you've been stuffing in the back of your closet! Consider tailored menswear the unofficial uniform of the multi-hyphenate.

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