Nicole Kidman Brought Back Her '90s Curls

Very 'Eyes Wide Shut.'

Nicole Kidman on the red carpet

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Nicole Kidman has always been a legend, but it does feel like she's having a resurgence in popularity. Perhaps it's due to her memed-to-death AMC commercial, or her viral appearance on the red carpet at the 2023 Oscars. Whatever it is, we're loving it, and the countless beauty looks she's been playing with, like the "jellyfish hair" she wore last summer. But Kidman just went back to her roots with her classic ‘90s strawberry blonde curls.

On March 21, the actor posted a series of photos of herself to Instagram wearing a sheer turquoise maxi dress with floral stitching throughout. She isn’t on the set of a photoshoot, nor is she gracing a red carpet—she seems to be home, which prompted her to casually accessorize her outfit with stud earrings, a diamond ring, a dainty gold watch, and her iconic natural curls.

Nicole Kidman with strawberry curls


This isn’t the first time in recent years that we’ve seen Kidman play up her natural texture—back in November, the actress posted a photo of her long curls in a ponytail, with the same buttery blonde color she wore to the 2023 Oscars. This time around, however, she debuted strawberry blonde curls that seem like they were ripped straight off her character, Alice Harford, in Eyes Wide Shut.

Nicole Kidman in the '90s

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Although this is probably just Kidman going back to her roots, we can’t imagine that the reigning copper hair trend didn’t have something to do with her new ringlets. Copper hair offers a fiery brightness that’s perfect for spring. Still, the color can be a little too bright for some, which is where these in-between shades can come into play. Much like how “crunette” hair is perfect for brunettes looking to dip their toes into the copper hair trend, strawberry blonde is a way for pale blondes to try red on for size.

Nicole Kidman with red curls


Toyomi Ishikura, colorist for SH-RD Hair Care at Kim Vo salon, previously mentioned to Byrdie that maintaining strawberry blonde hair is relatively easy and requires touch-ups about every six to eight weeks (this can become more frequent if you have grey hair). And whichever strawberry blonde shade you choose, you can talk to your stylist about adjusting the hue to be blonder or redder, depending on your skin tone.

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