Nicole Kidman Just Tried the Love-It-Or-Hate-It Haircut That's All Over TikTok

Proof the jellyfish cut is here to stay.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman

If you spent even a mere few minutes on the internet in the past few days, then your jaw likely dropped the moment you saw someone share Nicole Kidman’s latest editorial for Perfect Magazine. Some people are going ga-ga for Kidman’s over-the-elbow denim gloves or her Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift-reminiscent outfit—but our favorite part? Well, it’s the fact that Nicole Kidman officially brought the esoteric jellyfish hair into the mainstream.

What is jellyfish hair?

If you need a refresher on what exactly jellyfish hair is, it’s a TikTok-famous haircut that involves bold, stark layers. The style mimics the shape of a jellyfish, featuring two blunt layers. For the most part, the first outer layer is cut even around the head, mimicking the shape of a short bob. The second inner layer, however, is where people can be freer with how they cut their hair, making it as short or as long as they want. It can range from a traditional mullet-like shape to a full-on short-on-the-top-long-on-the-bottom anime girl hairdo.

As with most experimental beauty trends, a jellyfish cut is quite divisive, with people absolutely loving the trend, and others wondering why or how it began in the first place. Kidman made everyone a believer with her iconic red hair (which still reigns supreme as the It Girl color) that reaches down to her waist, with a short, blunt bob that frames her face. This cut is basically a high-fashion mullet that is perfect for adding a not-so-subtle edge to your look.

How to try jellyfish hair

Supposing Kidman’s latest hairstyle speaks to your soul on a spiritual level, you’ll want to visit a stylist that is familiar with doing edgier cuts. If you feel more comfortable admiring from afar, however, there *is* a low-stakes way to try out the jellyfish hairstyle. Sarah Cunningham, a hairstylist and owner of Uplift Haus Hair Studio, recently told Byrdie, “This look can be achieved with a classic bob and some added-in extensions for a semi-permanent eye-grabbing effect.”

Now all that's left is to ask yourself whether or not you're bold enough to try this divisive style.

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