Nicola Peltz Beckham's Ice Manicure Is All the Winter Nail Inspo We Need

Simple and chic.

Nicola Peltz

Nicola Peltz

There's a time and place for nail art full of complicated swirls, dazzling chrome, and lengthy shapes—but that time and place simply isn't every day, because how in the hell are you supposed to do anything? If you're after a mani that can go with every outfit in your closet and lets you keep your ability to type, you'll be wise to take note from Nicola Peltz Beckham's latest frothy manicure, created by her go-to nail artist, Tom Bachik.

On January 27, Bachik shared Peltz Beckham's frost-inspired manicure on Instagram with the simple phrase, "ice ice baby" as the caption. In the photo, Peltz Beckham wears a bright red sweater and of course, her dazzling engagement ring and wedding band (courtesy of her husband, Brooklyn Beckham). Her manicure features a short square shape that hints at the actor taking a break from her go-to lengthy tips, and a semi-sheer white polish, courtesy of the CND Shellac Gel Polish in shade All Frothed Up ($16).

Generally, white manicures offer a bright, crisp, opaque finish that's often reserved for the warmer months, even if we really don't know exactly where this beauty "rule"—the same rule that only allows white pants in between Memorial Day and Labor Day—came from. Although we don't agree with non-sensical fashion or beauty rules, traditional white manicures during the cooler months can wash out some skin tones, and make a pale complexion appear even paler during this time of year.

It is the season of a vanilla girl, though, and Backik cracked the code on how to extend an all-white aesthetic to the fingertips, even while the temps are near-freezing. By creating a semi-sheer "ice manicure," Bachik softened the classic white manicure to a creamier finish that bodes well for all seasons, the same way a French manicure can. Plus, with a shape that's easy to achieve on natural nails, this is just the DIY manicure you need for a winter-friendly take on the white manicure.

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