Nicola Peltz Beckham Just Wore a Mesmerizing Chrome Aura Manicure

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Nicola Peltz Beckham


Nicola Peltz Beckham's style tends to err on the classic side, but she still keeps her finger on the pulse when it comes to trends. Her secret to adding alt pieces to her refined outfits? Well, it's through her accessories and beauty routine, like her favorite wraparound sunglasses and the bleached brows she'll wear just because. The latest beauty look she turned to for a cool twist on her effortlessly chic style? Chrome aura nails.

If we've learned one thing from Peltz Beckham's Instagram feed, it's that she's a hugger—see herehere, and here— and on February 1, Peltz Beckham posted a behind-the-scenes photo dump from her recent campaign with GCSD, where she wrapped her arms around celebrity hairstylist Adir Abergel. She wore what appears to be a nude skirt or dress with a black mesh layer overtop, Birkin bangs with a '60s bump in her crown, and light makeup that featured rosy blush, fluttery lashes, and a nude lip.

Her outfit is pretty minimal as far as we can tell, but her manicure is what added a pop of color and shimmer to the selfie. On her nails, she wore sharp stiletto-shaped nails with a spacey lavender color that blends into a white center, creating an aura nail effect. But that's not all—her entire nails were covered in a velvet finish for a glittery, chrome-like shine.

Her recent blizzard French and frothed ice manicures had just the right amount of trendy shapes and a glaze-like finish, but they both ultimately had a timeless feel that's more in line with the rest of Peltz Beckham's style. There's nothing wrong with timeless (I'm typing this while wearing a vanilla French manicure), but Peltz Beckham's chrome aura nails are probably one of the edgier manicures the actress has worn of late.

By pairing this fun, alt manicure with a retro hairstyle and classic dress, she proves that you don't have to dive fully into the latest "core" from head to toe to turn a look. You can, in fact, continue to rock your favorite neutral dresses and fitted trousers while splicing bits of TikTok trends through the details.

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