We'll Be Copying Nicola Peltz Beckham's "Blizzard French" Manicure All Winter Long

So pretty.

Nicola Peltz Beckham in a bathrobe

Nicola Peltz Beckham

Honestly, it’s not a shock to find out that Nicola Peltz Beckham is a Capricorn since she exudes some prime Cap qualities—she's always dressed to the nines, and keeps the people she loves close to her heart (like her husband Brooklyn Beckham, and best friend, Selena Gomez). Capricorns like to do it big, and this year, Peltz Beckham called on nail artist Tom Bachik to create what he calls the “blizzard French” manicure for her birthday celebration.

Peltz Beckham had what seems like a relaxing birthday gathering, starting the day off with an at-home spa day (which featured IV drips and a unicorn cake) with friends and loved ones. Later that night, she switched out of her white robe and white headband ensemble for a black Fanci Club Obsession Dress featuring corsages, sheer fabric, and an asymmetrical hemline. She paired the look with sheer black tights, graffiti print boots from Heaven by Marc Jacobs, a small black handbag, and hoop earrings. Her makeup artist, Rena Calhoun, created a supermodel glam fit for the birthday girl, with inner corner liner, feathery brows, and a pouty nude lip. 

Her nails, however, are what truly stole the show. First, Bachik created an ice princess-worthy manicure by applying Mia Secret Almond Extension Gel Tips ($14), rounding out the edges and shaping the tips to fit Peltz Beckham’s nails perfectly. Then, Bachik applied a base coat of the Mia Secret Gelux Gel Polish ($12) in shade Rose Petal over the entirety of her nail, followed by the Mia Secret Gelux Gel Polish ($12) in shade White using an ombre effect. He then applied a faint dusting of glitter overtop the entire nail, creating a snowfall effect appropriate for a “blizzard" French manicure.

Although spring is so close we can taste it, the harsh reality is that we’re still in the throes of winter. If you happen to love the cooler temps though, the blizzard French mani is a surefire way to celebrate the icy weather around us—and in true Peltz Beckham style, the manicure offers an elegant approach to what can otherwise be a snowflake-riddled cliché of a manicure. Even if you can't wait for warmer weather, you can't deny it's a fun twist on a classic French that we'll be wearing well into spring.

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