Nicola Peltz Beckham Just Brought Back '90s Rom-Com Curls

It's giving Julia Roberts.

Nicola Peltz Beckham


Nicola Peltz Beckham knows a thing or two about bringing an retro elegance to her style via fitted black dresses, gargantuan diamonds, and a perfect manicure. On February 15, Peltz Beckham took to Instagram to share her latest rendition of early '90s beauty, with volume-filled curls and a side part.

In the photoset, Peltz Beckham is seen celebrating Valentine's Day alongside her husband, Brooklyn Beckham, who wears a Robin's egg blue sweater. Peltz Beckham's look is a cross between '90s Julia Roberts and '80s metal girl, wearing what appears to be a black fitted bodysuit with a v-neckline and long sleeves. She wears high-waisted black leather pants, and—fitting her aforementioned opulent style—floral diamond drop earrings. Peltz Beckham finishes off her outfit with a generous dusting of coral blush on her cheeks, brushed-up brows, winged liner, and firetruck red lipstick.

Nicola Peltz with wavy hair


Her hair, however, is what really makes her nail the Twisted-Sister-groupie look. She wears her hair in long brown curls, which, by how they're styled, looks like her natural texture. Her hair is flipped—with no stark parting line—to the side, and touts the same volume at the top of her hair that we'd see on a '90s rom-com heroine.

Sure, the side part has been around for a minute now, but most side parted hairstyles celebs are opting for have a blown-out, supermodel finish, making it difficult to determine how the style would look on wavy or curly hair types. Nicola Peltz Beckham seems to have taken note of the hairstyles of the past that were all about voluminous curls and huge, flippy hair.

As someone with long wavy curls, I can confirm: The real trick to nailing a side part with wavy or curly hair is finding a way to maintain volume at the top of the head. "For curly hair, use your natural texture to your advantage," Kali Ferrara, hairstylist and colorist at The Salon Project in NYC, previously told Byrdie. "Use a curling iron or wand to enhance parts that may have fallen flat, flip over and spray with flexible hairspray for some added volume." And remember to have fun with it: if you want, you can embellish the shallow part with a cute hair clip or add a simple braid or two.

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