Tutorial: Exactly How to Create This Head-Turning Metallic Eye Look

Nicola Haste Chapman is both an accomplished makeup artist and a well-known beauty vlogger. She runs the super popular YouTube channel Pixiwoo, alongside her sister Samantha. The sisters also design makeup brushes for the cult-favorite drugstore beauty tool brand, Real Techniques. (I think we can all agree that they're bonafide beauty experts by now, yes?). 

As you can imagine, their business requires them to travel frequently, especially back and forth from the UK to the U.S., which is why we were ecstatic to learn Chapman's five favorite beauty products to pack in her carry-on. (After all, travel-sized beauty is hard to get right.) This week, though, is something a little different. Chapman is putting her makeup artist skills on display, showing us how to create a modern metallic eye that’s perfect for daytime (or anytime) wear. 

To see some of the beauty products she swears by, as well as her expert technique IRL, watch the video below!