How New York Fashion Week Is Breaking All the Makeup Rules

There's a certain handful of designers who we always expect to send provocative, norm-defying beauty looks down the runway—Thom Browne, for example, who tends to favor the weird and horror-inspired, or Jeremy Scott, who likes things colorful, kitschy, and wild

But the most-fascinating shakeups we've charted over the past few days at fashion week are definitely subtler but, in a way, just as subversive. While personal preferences for how much and what kind of makeup to wear obviously vary from person to person, there is somewhat of a standard formula for makeup that we've always stuck to. Things like using eye shadow on your eyelids only or never using lip gloss anywhere but your lips. Or, always wearing an array of products at the same time, resulting in a very polished "done" face. Even the "no-makeup" look that everyone kept talking about last season requires a full face of… makeup! 

Which is why it's been so refreshing to see this amazing "less is more" approach really take hold on the S/S 16 runways. Most looks we've seen have been minimalist in aesthetic and the products they require, which is kind of revolutionary: We've seen models with completely bare skin (no foundation) over and over again, not to mention bare lashes. (Seriously, is mascara even a thing anymore?) Makeup artists are using products in ways we never thought of, like putting lip gloss everywhere and adding a velveteen texture to lips with the help of eye shadow. Basically, we can have more fun with makeup while simultaneously cutting our routine in half. It's pretty much a win-win. 

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