Take a Look at Our New Year's Resolution Progress So Far

Updated 06/28/19

It's hard to believe we're already more than halfway through 2017. It feels like just weeks ago we were gearing up to ring in the New Year, setting out plans for the 365 days ahead and sharing our resolutions with you right here on Byrdie. Given that we're not a solid seven months into year, we decided to check in on our New Year's resolutions to see how well Byrdie HQ was at sticking to our goals.

Last December we reflected on everything from beauty risks to general wellness, drawing up strategies for how we'd be bettering ourselves in 2017. When I reached out to fellow Byrdie editors to circle back on how we were doing, many of us had forgotten our original resolutions (but that didn't mean we hadn't fulfilled them). Head below to check in on our progress so far this year, evaluating how far we've come and what's left to tackle in the remaining months ahead.

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"Oh man, I most certainly did not follow through with my New Year's resolution, not even close. My level of attachment to my phone has stayed 100% as insane as it was in 2016. But honestly, I think the reason I didn't stick to this goal was because I never really cared that much about it in the first place. But this year hasn't been a total bust. A few months after New Years, around early spring, I made it a goal to develop a regular exercise routine for the first time in my life. And I have totally done that! I joined Studio Elevate, a trendy Pilates studio by my house, and I absolutely love it. So even though I didn't stick to the resolution I arbitrarily came up with at New Year's time, I did develop a new habit that's way more important to me."

"I'm never one to stick to my New Year's resolutions, which is why I try to keep mine as vague as possible. To be honest, I couldn't even remember what my resolution was, so imagine my surprise when I read it and realized that I had indeed fulfilled it—what can I say, 2017 is my year. My resolution was to indulge in a drastic hair change, and I've done that not once but twice since I made that vow. I dyed my hair black with dark-blue highlights after a particularly angsty post-breakup period in March, and then a few weeks ago I went to my trusted colorist Johnny Ramirez to touch up my highlights. Johnny and I have the type of relationship where I trust him completely with my hair and let him have free rein, but even I was taken aback when I looked in the mirror and stared at practically platinum ends. After 10 minutes of internally (and externally—sorry to the girl sitting next to me, but also thank you for your words of comfort) freaking out, something switched in my brain and I finally saw the light (literally). I'm loving summer in NYC as a blonde and have been able to experiment with my makeup as a result (story to come)!"

"My New Years resolution this year was to be easier on myself—to be kinder to my body and myself when I look in the mirror. Frankly, it's a challenge. I go through phases where all I crave are clean, nutrient-rich foods and then others when I'm only satisfied with pizza and Chinese food. I spend weeks heading to yoga after work to follow it up with ones when all I want to do is sit on the couch. As such, my body ebbs and flows between bloated and toned and so does my judgment. Some days, I'm positive, happy, and think I look pretty great. Others, I'm hard on myself. But, the difference is I only give those thoughts a few seconds before swatting them away. I am easier on myself. I have made strides. I am confident. Let's call this one a win."

"I wouldn't necessarily say that I have commitment issues: I'm hopelessly devoted to Housewives and wine, never once straying from either. When it comes to 'good' habits, though, I'm a lost soul. I'd love to say I committed to going to bed and waking up earlier, but I'm constantly staying up past midnight (probably because of the Housewives and wine), so I haven't been able to get my day started as early as I'd like. I also haven't been able to commit to weekly yoga, which I blame on the universe for scheduling industry events on Tuesday nights. This halfway check-in has been a big wake-up call for me though, and I intend to turn things around from here on out—mark my words!"

"My approach this New Year's was decidedly different than years past: Rather than make ultra-concrete goals, I pledged simply to make time for self-care. The fact that I didn't make any specifications as to what 'self-care' means was kind of the point—by simply promising to do anything that made me feel good, I immediately felt the pressure of that resolution mindset lift. I don't think it's a coincidence that seven months later, I'm feeling great. For starters, I'm more committed to working out than I've ever been in the past, which is honestly remarkable. I also just feel at ease and less anxious about my day-to-day life, probably because I'm not constantly going through this mental checklist of what I should or shouldn't be doing. It's been a huge lesson: When I dissolve the pressure I have on myself, I thrive. (And I still get shit done.)"

"As far as my resolutions go, I think I've learned a lot about myself this year. I'm slowly learning that less is more in all aspects of my life and that saying no isn't always a bad thing. My weekends are very special to me now in the sense that I actually take time for myself, where I used to always think I had to be doing something to fully enjoy my days off. Now I take naps. I never used to do that! But I've realized that it's exactly what I need in that moment since my week days are insanely busy. I also started exercising again (very minimally, let's be real), which I think has helped my mental stability. I also got glasses, which definitely helped with my headaches, as I'm not straining my eyes on a daily basis anymore. One thing that for sure has helped my confidence this year is investing in non-toxic skincare products. I no longer wear foundation, and I've honestly never been happier with my makeup routine. It takes me three minutes now, which means more time to sleep in and enjoy my morning before work!" 

"My New Year's resolution was to take better care of myself from the inside out—beginning with self-care practices like prioritizing sleep and taking up meditation. While I haven't totally gotten on board with the latter (though I do partake in the occasional new moon meditation and sound bath), I have been better about making sure I get more sleep. Though I still haven't gone hiking in Kings Canyon National Park or made it back to the Mojave Desert to rock climb, I have made regular trips to Topanga to explore to great outdoors and enjoy some of the more local trails. I'm optimistic that there's still five whole months left to make these trips a reality."

What was your New Year's resolution? Head to the comments to share how your progress has gone so far.

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