These Are the Resolutions Byrdie Editors Are Making for 2017


Pepe León

Happy New Year! Twenty-sixteen came and went in a flash, and we're more than ready to kick off the next 12 months, which are already promising to be brighter, better, and more beautiful. Start 2017 by committing to make this your best yet. Here at Byrdie, we've (just like you) taken the last few weeks to determine what exactly we want out of the New Year, coming up with goals for the next 365 days and beyond.

We've focused our New Year's resolutions on wellness and beauty, exploring ideas like digital detoxes, self-acceptance, getting out of our comfort zones, returning to nature, and finally using all those beauty products and devices in which we've invested our hard-earned money. Whatever 2017 brings, we hope it's the year you finally feel like you're not working endlessly to become your best self but are simply enjoying being your best, most beautiful self.

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