The Best New Year's Eve Makeup Looks to Recreate This Year

woman wearing shimmery new years eve eyeshadow
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New Year's Eve may be about "new beginnings" and "fresh starts"—but TBH, what gets us most giddy about New Year's Eve is the opportunity to break out the glittery makeup, sparkly mini dresses, and glitzy accessories we never have an excuse to wear during the other 364 nights of the year.

Below, find our favorite New Year's Eve makeup looks you'll definitely want to be spotted in at midnight. *Clink clink.*

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Inside the Lines

Two words for this look: So. Cool. Smith & Cult's Glitter Shot All-Over Glitter is a full-coverage paste complete with "custom glitter shapes" for a light-reflecting, sparkling, and multidimensional look. Simply apply it with your fingers and build up until you're satisfied—you can wear it on its own, but we love how it looks "outlined" here with black eyeliner.

Smith & Cult Glitter - New Year's Eve Makeup
Smith & Cult Glitter Shot All-Over Glitter Crush in Silver $22.00
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Negative Space

You may as well go for it on New Year's Eve and try something new—and we love the look of this sleek silver "shadow" with negative space. Here, the makeup artist used Cupio's Pigment Makeup Glitter in bright white—after applying eye primer, you can either draw on a thick silver wing and use makeup remover to "erase," or connect one single line starting from your lash line (like you would apply regular liner), and up around the crease of your eyelids. Accessorize with nude lips and out-to-there lashes.

Cupio Glitter Pigment - New Year's Eve Makeup
Cupio Pigment Makeup Glitter in Bright White $9.70
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Metallic Liner

This metallic cat-eye is on point—literally. Get the look by grabbing a highly pigmented silver liquid eyeliner (like MAC'S Liquidlast 24-Hour Waterproof Liner in Misty Me) and applying it thick on your upper lash line, bringing it out to a wing. Connect it around the inner corners of your eyes and slightly under your eyes too to get the highlight effect that'll make your eyes instantly bigger, brighter, and ready for the ball drop.

MAC Silver Liquid Liner - New Year's Eve Makeup
MAC Liquidlast 24-Hour Waterproof Liner in Misty Me $22.00
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Into the Blue

There's no time like New Year's Eve to play around with color—and this sparkly blue hue is everything. Pick a cream or liquid eyeshadow in a sparkly, saturated azure hue—like e.l.f.'s Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow—and sweep it across your lids. Tie the look back to your lips with a glittery lipgloss.

elf glitter eyeshadow - New Year's Eve makeup
e.l.f. Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow $5.00
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All Bronze Everything

Sun-kissed goddess, much? This warm, glowy look is perfect for a chilly night out (or in, depending on what your plans are). Here, the Lottie London x Laila Loves Neon Ibiza palette was used to achieve a sparkly, bronze smoky eye (but of course, the glittery palette of your choice should get the job done, too). After applying eye primer, sweep a sparkly shade across your lid and top it off with a slightly darker shade across your lids. Use the lightest shade—or a dab of your favorite highlighter—around your tear ducts, and finish off the look with bronzer, nude lips, spidery lashes, and brushed-up brows.

Lottie London Ibiza Palette - New Year's Eve Makeup
Lottie London x Laila Loves Neon Ibiza Palette $7.95
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Glitter Overload

Of course, you can't go wrong when you simply slather on some sparkles this New Year's Eve. NYX Cosmetics' Glitter Goals Cream Pro Palette was used here, but any creamy, sparkly shadow should do the trick, depending on what shade you want. This metallic hue is everything—and it doesn't need to be perfect. Simply sweep the saturated shadow across your lids and above the lid crease for this bold look, finishing with wings on both the inner and outer corners of your eyes.

NYX Cream Glitter Palette - New Year's Eve Makeup
NYX Professional Makeup Glitter Goals Cream Pro Palette $25.00
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Moody Metallics

Bring on the moody hues—with a twinkly touch. Take burgundy and black eyeshadows and sweep them on the outer parts of your eyes, working the burgundy above the crease. Next, take a sparkly gold hue and layer it on the center of your lid until it's fully pigmented, and blend it into the other hues. Finish off the look with glowy skin and ombré lips for bonus points.

Morphe x James Charles Palette - New Year's Eve Makeup
Morphe The James Charles Palette $39.00
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Under the Eyes

Yes, the cut-crease eyeshadow on her lids is incredible—but we can't stop staring at the sparkly liner underneath the eyes. You can take a pot of cream silver shadow and work it under your eyes with brush, but we love the easy application of Pixi Beauty's light-reflecting liquid shadow formula. (Just make sure you stay close to your waterline and avoid drawing a line that's too thick, which could overwhelm your eye shape.)

Pixi Beauty Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow - New Year's Eve Makeup
Pixi Beauty Liquid Fairy Lights Eyeshadow $15.00
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Some Subtle Shimmer

If bold and audacious makeup looks aren't your style, go for something equally festive-feeling and striking—and slightly more subtle. Just sweep a bright-white or silver shadow on your lids and around the inner corner of your eyes. Then, finish off the look with matte-black winged liner and enviable top-and-bottom lashes. Add some blush and a nude lip, and voilà.

NARS Precious Metals Single Eyeshadow - New Year's Eve Makeup
NARS Precious Metals Single Eyeshadow $19.00 $16.15
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A Sliver of Silver

Not-your-average cat-eye. Spice up your usual winged eyeliner with a sliver of silver—start out by applying a silver liquid liner or cream shadow on top of your lids, extending the wing of your cat-eye slightly higher and farther than you normally would. Then, go over it with matte-black liquid eyeliner so that when the look is complete, you just see a subtle shimmer of the metallic shade "outlining" the black liner. (You can also apply the black liner first instead, but you'll likely have to go over it again after applying the silver liner.)

Tarte Silver Shadow - New Year's Eve Makeup
Tarte Cosmetics Limited-Edition Clay Pot Waterproof Shadow Liner in Silver Linings $21.00 $10.00
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Add Some Gems

Face gems are the vintage makeup trend we just can't quit—and of course, they're the perfect beauty accessory to have in your repertoire for New Year's Eve. For a simple, easy look that still shines, keep the rest of your makeup toned-down and simply apply the gems above and around your eye crease and in the inner corner of your eyes.

Colourpop Face Jewels - New Year's Eve Makeup
Colourpop Crystal Face Jewels $5.00
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Vintage Vibes

We're always suckers for old Hollywood glam, and this vintage-inspired look feels totally fresh for the new year. Blend a silvery, iridescent shadow on your lids with a darker hue around the outer corners of your eye. (This Dior palette has perfect shades for this.) Top it off with winged black liner and a moody burgundy lipstick (that may or may not get smudged during your New Year's Eve kiss, but who cares?).

Dior Eyeshadow - New Year's Eve Makeup
Dior 5 Couleurs Couture Golden Nights Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palette $63.00

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