This Is What New Year's Eve Beauty Looks Like Around the World

The internet helps the beauty world feel smaller, connecting beauty trends over thousands of miles. One scroll through your Instagram feed, and you can feel as though you've taken a beauty tour of the globe. But the lovely thing is that despite the small technological world we live in, cultural individuality is somehow still preserved. And celebratory beauty is one of the areas in which those fascinating differences become crystal clear.

We are transfixed by international beauty here at Byrdie. We've explored what "natural" beauty looks like in different countries; we've gone deep into the cultural backstory of Korean beauty. But one thing we've yet to dive into is how different countries do special occasion beauty.

So, we consulted some of our favorite beauty authorities from far and wide (from Vogue China to Brazilian blogger Camila Coelho) to find out how the world does New Year's Eve makeup. Want to see the looks and products that represent NYE all over the world? Just keep scrolling.

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This post was published at an earlier time and has since been updated.