What You Should Know About the Dry Shampoo With a 2K (and Climbing) Waitlist

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Ask and you shall receive. According to cult-favorite haircare brand Verb, consumers have been requesting a spray version of its already beloved Dry Shampoo Powder ($16) for a while now. Well, finally, thousands of dreams will officially come true—roughly ten thousand, if the brand's predictions are anything to go by. Yes, it's been a hot second since we've seen a new launch from the brand, but considering how highly anticipated the new dry shampoo is and the fact it will be available in two different shades, we'd say the wait has been well worth it. And currently, over two thousand others seem to agree with us.

Even though the product won't officially be available until May 1, the brand decided to pull a strategic move and recently announced a waiting list for the launch. In the first 12 hours, more than 1000 people were on said list, and the current headcount is sitting at a cozy 2000. Plus, considering there's still an entire 11 days until May 1 (hey, Justin!), the brand is predicting the grand total will approach 10,000.

Verb Dry Shampoo Dark $16

So what exactly is it about the dry shampoo that has everyone in such a hair tizzy? A lot, actually. For starters, people just love Verb—Byrdie editors included. (We'll gladly stockpile each and every product, but the Ghost Oil, $16; Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner, $16 each; and the corresponding Hydrating Hair Mask, $16, are everyday necessities.) Then there's the fact there will be two iterations—dark and light—which have been strategically formulated to span all hair shades from iced-out platinum to jet black.

"The Light formulation has a purple tint that helps counteract brassiness and adds a lot of dimension," the brand tells us, "while the dark shade is a medium brown that is designed to disappear in deeper shade ranges." Plus, this isn't one of those sticky residue–ridden formulas that just adds an extra layer of film on top of oil and grease. No, no. Verb's new spray formula is a "true dry shampoo," which apparently will actually make the hair feel clean—not just look it.

Verb Dry Shampoo Light $16

Additionally, the launch was specifically formulated to play well with all of the brand's other best sellers, like its signature Ghost Dry Oil ($16), which launched last September. "The new Dry Shampoo sprays because it works almost like a dry conditioner—so you use the dry shampoo at your roots and the Ghost Dry Oil from midshaft to your ends. It conditions ends, adds shine, eliminates tangles, and adds a fresh scent," explains a representative of the brand.

And, of course, each of the dry shampoos—and every Verb hair product, for that matter—is only ever formulated with the very best cruelty-free and non-harmful ingredients. (Hair MVPs like provitamin B5, glycerin, and tapioca starch will play center field.) Can't wait to get your hands on a bottle of your own? We recommend joining the masses by signing up for the waiting list!

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