From Hair Water to Scalp Elixir, 11 New Target Beauty Products to Check Out

If Target has any say about it, February is going to be a great month for hair. Our favorite one-stop shop is guaranteeing every day will be a good hair day with its enticing lineup of new haircare products that just hit shelves. Whether your locks are in need of some T.L.C. by way of a detoxing scalp elixir or you want to treat your tresses to exotic fragrances like Himalayan patchouli berry or Persian rose, there are plenty of ways to restore and revive your hair with Target's latest offerings. In addition to some brand-new, covetable haircare products, Target is serving up organic cleansers, essential oil fragrances, and superfood supplements ready to uplift your winter beauty routine. So make some room in your medicine cabinet and take a peek at all the new Target beauty products in store this month.