The 7 Beauty Stages of a Romantic Relationship


Urban Outfitters

Love is a wonderful thing, but so are beauty products. So when a beauty girl finds herself in a romantic relationship, it's never truly monogamous—her beauty stash is part of the equation, too. Think of it as a lipstick-centric ménage à trois: There's you, your paramour, and your insane beauty habits.

But when you start dating someone new, you never introduce them to your makeup, hair, and skincare all at once—it might freak them out. So you gently introduce them to your beauty behaviors bit by bit, starting with unobjectionable habits like your Friday night double-masking routine and gradually inching toward the crazy, until you've been together for seven years and think it's completely normal to pop each other's blackheads (is that just me?).

To illustrate this, we've put together the following timeline of how your beauty relationship evolves alongside your romantic one. Keep scrolling to discover the seven stages of a romantic relationship, as told through beauty products.