I Tried the New Moon Juice Supplement and My Stress Levels Pretty Much Plummeted

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Moon Juice

Thus far, Moon Juice is widely known—and unequivocally loved—for its accessible yet apothecary-esque collection of adaptogenic dusts, herbs, snacks, protein powders, and, if you're lucky enough to be a Los Angeles local, mood-boosting sips courtesy of the brand's deliciously formulated juices, milks, and smoothies. And although the brand may have started off on the more niche side of the consumer spectrum, it's rapidly spread its wings toward mass consumerism and is currently available via sought-after destinations like Sephora, CAP Beauty, Nordstrom, and the like. Which begs the question: What's next? Apparently, a more superb (or at least less stressed out) form of you—aka SuperYou. Here are the details.

What Is the Moon Juice SuperYou Supplement?

Thanks to a very exciting email which shared a very exciting secret, I was informed last week that on May 1, Moon Juice would be launching its first-ever mix of adaptogens in capsule form. (ICYMI, the brand has pretty much turned "dusted" into a legitimate verb of the English lexicon.) Enter Moon Juice's SuperYou Supplement, an exciting, brand-new launch which addresses daily stress head-on.

The formula boasts a powerful once-daily hit of adaptogenic relief thanks to strategic superherbs like amla (helps de-stress the skin and maintains collagen), rhodiola (fights fatigue and stimulates alertness), ashwagandha (reduces irritability and increases our resilience to stress), and shavatari (encourages healthy hormones and reproduction.) Essentially, the launch is taking the brand's signature collection of powders and dusts (which can get messy quickly) and transforming the same benefits into a super-sleek supplement backed, the brand says, by "hard-hitting research and cutting-edge science." All you have to do? Take two supplements per day (each bottle contains 60 capsules and therefore buys you about a month's worth) and reap the relaxed, less-stressed benefits. But does it actually work? 

 How Does It Work?

Courtesy of Moon Juice

As always, we would never recommend you begin any kind of new supplement regimen without speaking to your physician first, and encapsulated adaptogenic herbs are no different. So please, definitely clear SuperYou with a physician prior to trying it out.

That being said, since I've dealt with anxiety and menstruation issues for years (and have seen countless professionals who specialize in alternative medicine), I'd coincidentally already had all of the above herbs recommended to me. And since the allure of beautiful skin and a blissful, worry-free state of being doesn't escape me, I gladly downed two pills immediately. And repeated the ritual for the rest of the week.

Moon Juice SuperYou $49

Key Ingredients

Amla, or Indian gooseberry, is popular in Ayurveda. It is known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and is believed to boast a number of benefits, such as promoting healthy eyes, hair, nails, and skin.

In general, I have a love-hate relationship with supplements, but since my anxiety (yes, this is something I've been clinically diagnosed with) and daily stress levels have been on the higher end of the spectrum recently, I was more than willing to take the new SuperYou supplements out for a test drive. (Plus, I'm Moon Juice–obsessed and was super excited about the launch, point blank.)

The Results

Despite the fact I know I could be better about taking my two supplements at the exact same time each and every day, I typically have been downing them with a healthy swig of water between 10 a.m. and noon (when emails are coming in a mile a minute and 3 p.m. daily deadlines are fast-approaching). The instructions don't say anything about timing or interactions (a potentially helpful amendment if anyone over at Moon Juice HQ is reading this), but I haven't found the capsules irritating or nausea-provoking one way or another. And for the record, that's pretty amazing since almost any kind of pill upsets my stomach—especally if taken solo without food. 

So in addition to being pleasantly surprised by how physically tolerable the new SuperYou supplements are, I was also pretty astounded by how calm and level-headed I felt. Usually, my stress levels skyrocket from zero to 100 (an insatiable appetite for coffee doesn't help matters), and once I'm worried or anxious, it's hard for me to decompress. However, I immediately noticed after taking the supplements I wasn't as easily riled per my usual MO. Sure, the stressors were still there, but the difference was I didn't feel like daily worries or concerns were overwhelming me or affecting my productivity or ability to focus. Essentially, I just feel like a calmer, cooler, cucumber-esque version of myself—a win if you ask me.

And yes, even though I've only been taking the supplements for a week, and I plan on asking a nutritionist if there's a more strategic time for me to be taking them, I'm excited to keep the regimen alive and well. Plus, since I'm supremely tickled by aesthetically pleasing packaging, I also just really like the rainbow exterior which automatically gives me (and my desk) '70s vibes. All in all: I'm 100% hooked on SuperYou.

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