How to Adjust Your Makeup When You Drastically Change Your Hair Color



You've finally done it! You took the plunge and made a huge hair change. First of all, congrats. Second, you go, girl! Third, kudos on being able to entertain yourself in the salon chair for that long. Now, it's time to update your makeup bag accordingly. 

In the same way your skin tone dictates what makeup you wear, your hair color does the same thing. It may be debatable whether blondes truly have more fun, but that, my friends, is a fact. Your perfect red lipstick may read a bit orange, or your favorite metallic shadow isn't looking as vibrant. Your new color may be the culprit.

So, to help a sister out, we scoured the internet for tips on all the new makeup you need and why. The best part? Buying, trying, and testing out new makeup, duh.

Have you changed your hair recently? What's your favorite makeup to go with your new look? Let us know in the comments below!