Is This the Next SoulCycle?

Here at Byrdie, we’re constantly on the lookout for the next big thing. The next BB cream, the next ombré, the next lob, the next juice trend—and we’ve been wondering for some time now what the next SoulCycle would be. A fitness workout that takes hold and sweeps the entire country, turning first-timers into teachers and amassing a devoted fan base that spreads word of its virtues like evangelists. Despite its nearly decade-long presence in the fitness world, we have yet to see another workout quite match SoulCycle’s status—but we found the one that will. Still remarkably under the radar and founded by a relative unknown, the mysteriously named The Class, is poised to be the next big—and we mean big—thing in the exercise industry. Keep scrolling to read what it’s all about, and trust us—you’ve gotta see this.