Rihanna Just Teased Yet Another Brand-New Fenty Beauty Product

Updated 12/11/17
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty

We still haven't recovered from Fenty Beauty's latest release, the Stunna Lip Paint ($24). You know, that universally flattering liquid cherry red that's all over Instagram? Before that product launch, she was sharing tiny sneak peeks of her holiday collection, which we soon realized would introduce us to a brand-new batch of Fenty products, including the super-shimmery StarLit Hyper-Glitz Lipstick ($19). And long before that, she was giving us clues as to what the brand's first products would be.

We are always on our toes when it comes to Fenty Beauty.

Well, in true Rihanna fashion, it looks like brand won't stop coming with surprises because this week Rihanna took to Instagram to tease yet another product. She posted a snapshot of it to her Instagram story with no other information provided. Mysterious, right? Keep scrolling to get your first look at Rihanna's newest Fenty Beauty product. 

The Instagram account @trendmood1, which specializes in new product launches and beauty news, posted this image to their account. The image is a collage of four others showing what looks to be a navy blue, almost black lipstick.

The top right picture, which shows the actual product, was posted by Rihanna herself, on her Instagram story. It was only up for 24 hours (as all Instagram stories are wont to do), but eagle-eyed fans took screenshots and started spreading the news. The @trendmood1 account caught wind of it, posting this picture, and captioning it "A Black or Navy Lipstick (which looks matte with maybe purple undertones). Hmmm...I bet that is probably just 1 shade out of a few colors." 

The product's packaging looks similar to the Hyper-Glitz lipstick, but this time it's white not black. Also, this shade is lacking the previous one's sparkle and shimmer. At the time of publication, the official Fenty Beauty Instagram hasn't given any other information, so it looks like we still have awhile to wait. We'll be keeping our eyes and ears peeled. 

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