9 Buzzy Makeup Products We Predict Will Be Best Sellers in 2019



I wouldn't go so far as to say being a beauty editor is like being a scientist, but we do have a few things in common: In addition to conducting experiments with cosmetic formulas to determine which ones you should actually buy, it's also part of our job to make educated guesses, hypotheses, if you will, about which products and trends will dominate the future of the beauty industry.

We've collected a lot of data over the course of 2018 regarding which ones are gimmicks and which are going to stick around—and that analysis had led us to this list of makeup products we think are going to take over the beauty market in 2019. Interested in Byrdie's predictions about which highlighters, lip products, foundations, and more are going to be best sellers in 2019? Mark our words: We're pretty confident it's going to be the following nine.