17 Electric Takes on the Neon Green French Mani That Are Perfect for Summer

neon green nails with white daisy accent


Being creative with nail designs can be tough when there are so many options. Various iterations of milky nudes and neutrals have dominated recent trends, and we're seeing different takes on the classic French. Still, with summer on the horizon, it hasn't erased the popularity of vivid colors, especially in the form of a French mani. 

Neon green is a popular color come summertime and looks great when worn on the tips. There are a few different ways to wear the look that capture the essence of the French manicure with a twist. Ahead, we highlight some of our favorite ways to wear the look.

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Neon Tortoise

neon tortoise nails


We love the juxtaposition of this set which pairs neon accents with tortoise-inspired prints. It's where muted meets vibrant and we're definitely bookmarking this for summer.

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Abstract Neon Tips

abstract art neon tips


If you want to veer away from the traditional French manicure look slightly, ask your nail artist to add some abstract lines and pops of color to create a stained-glass effect.

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Neon Daisies

neon french tip with daisy accent nail


This look pairs two of our favorite mani designs: a classic French tip painted in neon green and a daisy accent nail for an equally playful and understated set. 

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Neon Shooting Stars

neon shooting stars manicure


To make your neon nails stand out, opt for a comic-like effect with melted green tips and ask your nail artist for black shooting stars to create a fun contrast.

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Wide French

wide french tip nails


A wide neon French tip is the perfect way to kick off summer without much fuss. You can DIY on your own with French manicure strips or take this to the salon and be in-and-out with flashy nails.

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Glitter Ombré Green

neon glitter nails


Instead of opting for the standard opaque color, add some razzle dazzle to your set with an ombré glitter effect that looks even more stunning in a neon green colorway.

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Multiple Layers of Green

neon green swirl nails


Create a multi-dimensional look by utilizing different shades of greens and blues to add swirls and dots to make your French nail decor more intricate.

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Negative Space French

negative space nails


French manicures aren't limited to being filled completely. You can make your nails look dainty yet bold with a negative space take on the classic look.

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Faded Blue Neon

neon to blue faded manicure


To really capture the essence of summer, use a vivid neon blue and green to create an ombré effect that reminds us of the ocean.

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Side Neon French

side neon nails


A French tip typically is found on the apex of the nail but you can switch things up by making the side of your nail the star of the show with fine lines.

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Neon Polka Dots

neon polka dot manicure


Once you paint your green tip at the top of your nail, add a row of black and white polka dots near the nail bed to make your manicure feel more creative.

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Swirled Tips

blue and neon green swirl nails


Sky blue pairs well with vivid green and creates an oceanic effect when styled in swirls.

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Pointed French

neon green almond shape nails


You can't go wrong with a thin, yellow-green line on pointed almond-shaped nails, which is equally classic and fun for summer.

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Melted Neon Slime

melted neon slime nails


If you're looking for a step up from the traditional French in the creativity department, opt for a slime-inspired style that gives the melting effect of polish concentrated at the tip of your nails. 

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Spotted Neon

cow print and neon nails


While the cow-spotted print is the star of this set, it proves that neon green makes everything better. Add a thin line of color below your patterned tips to upgrade your nails.

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Neon Stiletto

stiletto neon green nails


A more dramatic look doesn't necessarily mean toying with your design. Instead, ask your artist to focus on a sharper stiletto-pointed tip and accent with neon line work to make your nails more bold and geometric.

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Neon French Accent

neon french accent nail in a patterned nail set


If you really feel like going bold, use a neon green French tip as an accent nail in a set of various patterns, like checkerboard and smiley face prints. You'll look down and get an instant serotonin boost from your fingers.

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