15 Neon Graphic Eye Looks That Will Instantly Brighten Your Mood

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Neon makeup makes a bold statement, especially when worn on the eyes. While playing with vibrant, electric colors may seem intimidating, there are many ways to wear the trend. You can keep things minimal with a touch of bright eyeliner or lean fully in with an all-over neon lid—the possibilities are truly endless. If you want to experiment with neon eye makeup, we've got you covered with ample inspiration. Ahead, scroll through 15 ultra-cool examples of neon graphic eye look.

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Neon Lime Inner Corners

blue eye wearing soft neon green eyeshadow in the corner


If adding full-blown neon into your makeup look feels intimidating, start with a wash of neon lime shadow. Applying it in the corners of the eyes creates a unique yet minimal look. To re-create this look, use Glossier Skywash Liquid-to-Powder Sheer Matte Eyeshadow Tint ($18) in the shade "Lawn" on your inner corners.

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Animal Print Eyes

graphic neon eyeshadow with neon yellow, green, and orange in an animal like print on the lid


Take your graphic neon eye look to the next level by adding a unique feature, like an animal print splatter in contrasting tones. The neon yellow, orange, and green complement each other in the wildest way possible.

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Colorful Contrast Eyes

eye is shown wearing neon graphic makeup in neon orange, pink and silver tones


The way this look frames the eye is unique and artistic. Achieve this colorful contrast by pairing orange eyeshadow with pink and metallic silver shades. Looking for an eyeshadow palette with multiple neon colors? Check out Anastasia Beverly Hills' Norvina Pro Pigment Palette ($60).

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Graphic Neon Eyes

eye is shown wearing neon graphic shadow in neon orange, pink, blue, and green in sharp triangle shapes above and below the eye


Here, neon pink, orange, blue, and green come together to create a sensational graphic eye look. The sharp edges and blending of colors together make a stunning statement.

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Lightning Bolt Lids

neon green eye look


This high-voltage neon graphic look is incredibly creative, featuring a neon green and yellow lightning bolt. The gold star decals are the perfect finishing touch.

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Two-Toned Graphic Eyeliner

red and orange eyeliner look


Creating a dynamic neon eye look is as easy as using two complementary colors. Recreate this graphic eyeliner moment by using a vibrant orange and fuschia liner.

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Neon Rainbow Eyes

brown eye is shown wearing neon orange, yellow, green, red, purple and light blue liner composed together


This neon rainbow graphic eye look is sure to turn heads. The way these bold colors blend is absolutely stunning.

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'80s Neon Eyes

model is wearing an 80s inspired bold neon eye makeup look


This neon look channels the '80s, and we are here for it. Pairing the neon blue pigment with a metallic lilac counterpart is so well thought out. We also think the subtle yellow metallic tones outlining the graphic look are perfect.

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Flower Power Eyes

blue eye is wearing baby blue eyeshadow with a periwinkle eyeliner and neon yellow floral accents


Bring in your neon accents by drawing cute flowers on the outer corners of the eye. The baby blue shadow and periwinkle liner perfectly complement the neon yellow flowers. After applying the shadow, use a makeup brush with a small rounded tip to draw in the flowers using neon pigments.

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Spotty Neon Lids

neon pink eyeshadow look


This spotty neon eye look is so fun. Start by blending the hot pink shadow at the inner corner of the eye and then do the same at the outer corner. If you want to create a perfect circle, you can use a stencil to help. Add another playful touch by swiping metallic silver liner along your lash line.

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Bright and Bold Waterlines

neon waterline makeup look


This look proves there are so many ways to get creative with neon eye makeup. And thankfully, it's easy to recreate it at home. Start by applying black eyeshadow to your inner and outer corners (apply shimmery blue liner in the inner corner for an added pop). Add neon pink and green tones on your waterline and lashes to really accentuate your eyes.

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Wild Neon Lids

neon pink, black, and blue eye makeup look


When it comes to neon makeup, the wilder, the better. Start by framing your eye with black eyeliner and then layer neon blue and pink accents on top. The finished look is spectacular from all angles.

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Watercolor Lids

model is wearing bold neon eyeshadow


Can't decide on which neon color to use? Wear them all. With this look, neon pink, orange, yellow, blue, and green come together to create a beautiful blend. Colourpop's She's a Rainbow Makeup Palette ($40) will make it easy to bring this vibrant eyeshadow moment to life.

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Over The Rainbow Liner

model is wearing neon rainbow eyeliner


The best way to wear neon graphic eyes? Utilize as many colors as possible. This look has many hues, from blue to neon yellow, so you'll never tire of looking at it. Get creative and blend as many colors as you'd like; the more, the merrier. If you need help creating lines and blending colors, use a precise angled liner brush to draw the shape and slowly blend each color into the last to re-create this look.

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Powder Blue Neon Lids

model is wearing neon blue eyeshadow


This baby powder blue neon shadow is everything a neon graphic eye look should be—bright and bold. Start by applying shadow to the lid and then use a fluffy brush to blend up into the crease and around the bottom lashline, adding shadow until you're pleased with the level of color.

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