I Hate Dry Shampoo, But This Little-Known Version Changed My Mind 100%

It's so good.

Neighbourhood Botanicals Sunday Morning

 Neighbourhood Botanicals

The lazy girl inside me loves the idea of dry shampoo. Anything to skip a wash day. Trouble is, I actually hate dry shampoo. Over the years, I've tried cheap ones and luxe ones, traditional spray-in formulas, loose powders, and dry foams. I've always fared slightly better with the foam versions—they don't leave a powdery residue but do require a little hairdryer action at the roots. But I tend to air-dry my strands, so using a tool for speed doesn't really make much sense to me or my inner lazy girl.

A couple months ago, I was back in London and met with a PR friend. She handed me a small bottle filled with powder called Sunday Morning ($22). I looked at it, appreciated the packaging, and then popped it back into my bag without another thought. There was no way a little-known dry shampoo was about to change my mind when household name brands could not.

Neighbourhood Botanicals Sunday Morning
Neighbourhood Botanicals Sunday Morning $22

Fast-forward a few weeks and I had optimistically tried to get an extra day out of my style. I checked the mirror before leaving the house and realized I would have to use a dry shampoo.

I remembered back to that bottle of Sunday Morning and thought I'd give it a try. I turned the nozzle and puffed the powder into my roots on top and sides. A quick massage with my fingertips and the powder had magically disappeared, taking with any extra grease. It left behind soft, shiny roots that looked and smelled as if they'd been washed and blow-dried. Less is more with this formula, which means it will last a good few months if you use it a couple of times a week. I couldn't believe it and am happy to admit how wrong I was about this dry shampoo.

It left behind soft, shiny roots that looked and smelled as if they'd been washed and blow-dried.

So, what's inside? The formula is a scalp calming and soothing blend of absorbent cornstarch, deodorizing clay, cassava plant and tapioca starch for added gloss, as well as peppermint to refresh. Some dry shampoos use baking soda, which is alkaline and not ideal for keeping your scalp happy. This formula is non-comedogenic and non-irritating, so it won't cause flare-ups in sensitive skin types.

As for the sustainable credentials, the bottle and cap are made from PET and PP plastic and it's not an aerosol, making it easier to recycle and better for the ozone. Plus, it's vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. If you're a dry shampoo sceptic, then I would definitely recommend giving this a try. Your hair (and inner lazy girl) will thank you.

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