30 Negative Space Manicures Perfect for Any Occasion

Person with gold and blue negative space nails.

Nail art isn't going anywhere, but you don't have to cover each and every nail entirely in order to up your mani game. In fact, it's pretty cool to leave a little space. Plus, opting for a sophisticated and sleek negative-space nail design is just the update your basic manicure needs to feel new again. Negative space nail art relies on diverting the expected and gives nails a cool, futuristic feel we're totally embracing.

From graphic black-and-white color palettes to glittery accents, there's bound to be an iteration of the trend even the most die-hard, anti-nail art girl can appreciate. Interested in this style and looking to book a nail appointment stat? We sifted through Instagram to find 30 negative space nail art ideas to help serve as inspiration.

Keep scrolling to find your fave—and don't forget to save them on Instagram to show your manicurist.

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Pink and Blue

We're getting South Beach Miami Art Deco Historic District vibes from this geometric manicure.

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Cow Print

We're suckers for the cow-print nail trend, so it's no wonder this black and white print mooved us (sorry).

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Black and Yellow

Black and gold color-blocking takes us back to the roaring 20s.

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Blue Marble

Turquoise marbling on the cuticle and tip are reminiscent of crashing waves.

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Jenna Rink-Approved

Is anyone else feeling this 13 Going on 30 color palette?

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Gatsby Geo

This geometric nail design reminds us of The Great Gatsby thanks to its Art Deco-inspired shapes and lines.

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Shades of Purple

If you're a purple lover (we are too), you'll love this multi-toned look.

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Abstract Accents

We love the way this nail look switches the direction of colors on each nail.

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Stunning Stripes

Negative space nail designs don't have to be difficult. Here, it's all about well-placed stripes in a variety of different colors.

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Cowboy Nails

One word: yeehaw.

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Abstract Accent

Love abstract mani's but don't want to go all out? Pop it on an accent nail.

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Malachite Mani

This pointy nail look is like pretty malachite crystals—which, BTW, are said to bring balance and abundance to your life.

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Sunny Days

How adorable is this graphic, sunshine-inspired nail design? So very '60s.

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Turquoise and Gold

Here's another gem-inspired nail look we can't take our eyes off of. The pops of metallic gold really bring it together.

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Statement Shibori

These shibori nails are a tie dye-lover's dream. Though, they're admittedly a bit more challenging to DIY.

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Moon Magic

These almond-shaped nails look that much more stunning thanks to the starry moonscape polished on each.

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Tortoiseshell Talons

This negative space tortoiseshell design is one for the books. With hints of gold foil and a hint of naked nail beneath, it's simply stunning.

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Sunrise Stunners

How pretty is this sunrise-inspired manicure? It will require patience to recreate, but once you do, you'll be so glad you took your time to bring these statement nails to life.

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Etched Cow Print

Here's another cow-print manicure that we can't take our eyes off of. Best of all, with a nail art brush and black and white polish, it's not too tricky to DIY.

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Seeing Double

These double-arced red nails make us want to put on our favorite cherry-colored lipstick to flaunt a full monochromatic beauty look.

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Burnt Orange Beauts

These burnt-orange nails look that much more stunning thanks to the thin sliver of rose gold along each swoop. The cloudy white translucent hue is also a good gateway for those who aren't married to the idea of having a fully clear section of the nail.

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White Details

This white-lined manicure offers an ethereal retro vibe that feels whimsical and fresh.

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For the Louis Lover

Louis lovers, rejoice! With the help of a talented manicurist, you, too, can rock a designer nail look.

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Angelic French

Looking for even more ways to create a modern French manicure? This cherub-accented nail design is worth a shot.

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Coral Lines

Simple, swirling lines are a major must in the world of minimalist nail art. Here, you can see how stunning it is to pair the delicate design with bold color.

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Red Hot

This red, negative space nail design creates the illusion of flames without being literal.

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Pastel Purple

We have no words for this delicate, pastel purple accented mani—it's breathtaking.

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Negative French Tips

These see-through extensions make way for a unique negative space French tip. And let's be clear, we're here for it.

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Negative Swoop

These matte-white nails offer a minimalist take on negative space by sticking to a single color palette and simply using a toothpick to clear color off in a swoop down the middle of each nail.

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Black and White

This classic color palette looks even more stunning in a geometric negative-space design. Considering the intricate nature of the look, be sure to take your time trying to recreate it—or book an appointment so a manicurist can do it for you.

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