8 Celebrities Who Flawlessly Rocked Navy Blue Hair

Over at Byrdie, we live for women who aren't afraid to experiment with daring hair colors. There's something so unapologetically gorgeous about walking into a room with a bold hair color that others can't help but compliment. I admire women who have that kind of confidence so much that I even made it a part of my New Year's resolutions last year to experiment more with my hair. Oh, to be a hair unicorn! What a fun life to live. 

The hue we're digging at the moment is navy blue. There's just something so undeniably cool (literally and figuratively) about midnight blue hair. If you don't want to go all the way with a permanent color, try Splat Hair Chalk ($3) in its navy blue shade. This temporary hair color glides on your hair so easily, leaving a major color payoff.

But if you're going all the way, expert celebrity colorist Michael Casey of Eliut Salon shared his most important tip when it comes to dyeing your hair a bold color like blue: "If you want pastel, green, or blue hues, you need to pre-lighten your hair to a very pale blonde first and then deposit the color. These colors fade very fast, so you will need to spend a lot of time refreshing the bright colors," explains Casey. In other words, make sure you're ready for this commitment. 

Some of our favorite It girls in Hollywood have worn iterations of this wavy, cobalt shade and we rounded up the prettiest styles. Let these gorgeous indigo shades convince you to go blue.