Naturally Drenched's New Treatment Promises To Restore and Rejuvenate Your Curls

"It really brings some spring back to the hair."

Naturally Drenched Rebalance Treatment

Naturally Drenched

Jamila Powell didn't plan to become a beauty entrepreneur. In fact, Powell works for the federal government as an attorney by day. But after having her daughter nine years ago, she realized she needed to develop another hustle to bring in more income. After simmering on a conversation she had with a friend about weaves and haircare, Powell decided to dive headfirst into the beauty industry and open Maggie Rose Salon. Since its doors opened in 2013, Powell and her salon have been dedicated to helping people care for their natural curls and coils, becoming one of Florida's top texture salons. 

Now, Powell is deepening her footprint in the beauty industry with the launch of her vegan haircare brand Naturally Drenched. With this venture, she aims to promote texture inclusivity and deliver curl-loving products to the market. "I see so much information on YouTube and different things on social media about hair care, but sometimes I feel like it misses the mark because it doesn't really speak to how curls work and what products really work on curly hair," Powell says. "So, I really wanted to develop a line that, first of all, creates a community because I see a lot of division based on texture and curl pattern. I also wanted to create a brand that promotes understanding about how products really work, how to apply them to your hair, and how to choose the right product for you." 

The brand's hero product is the Rebalance Pre-Conditioner Treatment ($36), a restorative pH product that improves your scalp's health. It is loaded with a nourishing blend of almond oil, bamboo extract, calendula, and papaya that all work to strengthen hair follicles, protect against dryness and breakage, reduces frizz, revitalize color, and revive your curl pattern. "It really brings some spring back to the hair, and you use it after you shampoo and before you condition your curls," Powell adds. In line with the brand's commitment to being eco-conscious, the product is housed in 100% recyclable aluminum packaging.

Rebalance Pre-Conditioner Treatment
Naturally Drenched Rebalance Pre-Conditioner Treatment $36

In addition to the rebalancing scalp treatment, the brand has also launched hair tools and accessories to make the daily maintenance of textured hair easier. When browsing the site, you'll discover items like styling clips, hair picks, and detangling brushes. But, the brand's Infinite Reflection Mirror is one of its standout tools. Like many people, Powell found herself constantly frustrated with not being able to see her hair while she washed it in the shower. So, she made sure that Naturally Drenched offered a solution to the common dilemma. "You can hang [the mirror] in the shower, and it doesn't fog up," she says. "It really works well with seeing if you've gotten all the product worked well into your hair, how your hair is reacting to the products that you're using, and it's awesome for styling because you can really see what's going on with your curls."

As she begins to create the roadmap for Naturally Drenched's future, Powell's intentions are set on making moves that help the global curl community prioritize the health of their hair and adopt effective routines. What can we expect next? More treatment-based products. "I really want to stay in the treatment area for just a little bit," Powell says. "So for me, the next thing that I definitely want to do is create a nice, hydrating mask."

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