8 Subtle Smoky Eyes for People Who Believe Less Is More

When most people think of the term "smoky eye," they call to mind images of kohl-rimmed lids, stark gray and black eye shadow, and graphic shapes. They're not wrong. After all, smoky and sooty are basically synonyms, and bold interpretations of the look litter social media and red carpet events. Google "smoky eye tutorial" and you'll see that most are dark, glamorous, and edgy. Rarely, though, will you find one on the softer side of the smoke.

Instead of the traditional grungy and charred vibe of what we will, from here on out, refer to as Instagram smoky eyes, these soft looks give off a subdued and romantic feel. No matter what shade of eye shadow they're created with, the final result is silky and diffused—like a tendril of smoke rising from a lit match. While less dramatic than others you might be used to seeing, these looks are just as impactful.

Don't believe us? Keep scrolling to see eight celebrities who have flawlessly pulled off the subtle smoky eye look. After seeing them, you'll be reaching for your favorite eye shadow palette and blending brush. They're that good.