Real Talk: How 5 Natural Beauty Gurus Care for Their Skin


Courtesy of Amanda Chantal Bacon

There’s a rule of thumb among beauty editors when it comes to skincare: The best advertisement for a product, treatment, or regimen is often the person selling it. It goes both ways, too—whenever we meet anyone with a positively radiant complexion, we’re already sold and want to know every last detail of her routine.

These five industry pros are a testament to that strategy—and to the effectiveness of a holistic, natural approach to beauty. It’s no coincidence that they all consider a healthy, nourishing diet and a balanced lifestyle as central to their skincare regimens as the plant-based products they use, and that they have been able to build thriving businesses around these ideologies. And in our eyes, they’re the proof that it works. (That is, until we personally adopt what they preach and see more evidence in the mirror.)

So with this in mind, we asked these success stories to tell us everything that goes into their glowing skin, and they certainly didn’t disappoint. From oil-pulling to magical oils to one woman’s three-product regimen, keep reading for a wealth of natural beauty inspiration.