25 Examples of Platinum Blonde Hair That Actually Look Natural

Karlie Kloss Platinum


Platinum hair, also known as the lightest shade of blonde possible, has been popular for decades. The thing is, not everyone looks good in super blonde hair, and very few people actually boast this shade naturally past childhood. It's always best to get this color done in a salon because doing it at home can cause even more damage to hair than you would receive normally. This standout hue can really transform a look, but it does require upkeep.

We talked to the masters for you. Enter expert colorists Alexe A and Joey Perrotti, who told us everything you need to know about what you can expect from the platinum color. The first thing you should know is platinum blonde isn't one standard color but comes in a variety of cool, warm, and neutral shades and tones. This seems quite logical, but really, who knew? (Now we do!)

Meet the Expert

If you're already blonde, going platinum starts at your roots. If you have a naturally dark base, your hair needs to be pre-lightened the other way around, which means getting the ends and the middle of the hair lighter first before bleaching the roots.

According to Perrotti, one of the main reasons platinum is so hard to maintain is because the heat source from your scalp helps lift the regrowth. However, if the root is too far off of the scalp it will not lift evenly.

Platinum Blonde Hair

Choosing a Shade: "What you have to keep in mind is the client’s skin tone. Ideal skin tones are usually fair, medium, or a yellowish tint. A client’s eye color and lifestyle are also important to keep in mind." Joey Perrotti says.

Maintenance Level: It's definitely a high-maintenance look. Alexe says it's probably the hardest to maintain and warns your roots will start showing after about two to three weeks. Don't go longer than six to eight weeks without a full-on touch-up.

Similar Shades: White, Pastel, and Silver Blonde.

Price: $200 for pre-lightening and toning, plus roots start at $70, though prices vary depending on the salon.

Whether you're using this gallery of platinum blondes to determine if the look will flatter you, if you're just generally curious about the shade, or you're looking for celeb hair inspiration, it's all rounded up below—from at-home maintenance tips to touch-up timelines, plus how your hair will fare in the long run.

Keep scrolling to learn all about these icy-blonde looks and what you can expect at the salon.

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Cara Delevingne's Platinum Lob

Natural Platinum Blonde Hair Cara Delevingne

Getty Images

Cara's been dirty blonde, ash-blonde, rose-gold, and now, platinum. Her razor-sharp bob looks especially icy and cool against her bold brows.

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Zoe Kravitz's Icy Braids

Natural Platinum Blonde Hair Zoe Kravitz

Getty Images

When Zoe Kravitz went platinum, it created the perfect icy complement to her warm complexion, and thanks to a careful dye job—bleach on the shaved undersides, but not on her gorgeous natural brows—this is such a seamless look.

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Hunter Schafer's Long Waves

Natural Platinum Blonde Hair Hunter Schafer

Getty Images

While Hunter Schafer has since chopped her hair into the Kurt Cobain (if you know, you know), we'll never forget the cascading platinum waves of her rise to fame. She's largely stuck with the hue throughout the years, and it works so well—against her slightly darker blonde natural shade, you can barely tell the platinum is a result of expert coloring.

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Mary J. Blige's Short, Slick Style

Natural Platinum Blonde Hair Mary J. Blige

Getty Images

Mary J. Blige has rocked platinum hair innumerable times, her slick style at 2018's Met Gala being just one of them. The slightly grown-out roots do a great job of creating a relaxed yet put-together feel.

Make sure to schedule monthly or bi-monthly visits to your stylist for a touch-up, because this color grows out fast. Also, invest in at-home protein treatments, and a purple or blue shampoo to help keep your platinum tone from going brassy.

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Solange Knowles's Amazing Tone

Natural Platinum Hair Color Solange

Getty Images

When Solange stepped out in a stunning variety of platinum styles, from short natural curls at Coachella to platinum braids at NYFW, each new look continuously wowed us. Her beautifully toned afro sealed the deal—it's now an indisputable fact that Solange can do anything and make it her signature.

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Dove Cameron's Hollywood Waves

Natural Platinum Blonde Hair Dove Cameron


Dove Cameron has kept her hair platinum blonde for the majority of her career, and we can totally see why. It really suits her!

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Camille Johnson's Curls

Natural Platinum Blonde Hair Camille Johnson


YouTuber Camille Johnson has such amazing platinum curls. While it does depend on your individual hair type, Alexe mentions that most people with curly hair have "quite a dry texture already" and will need extra care after going platinum.

Bleaching from the scalp can leave hair a bit dry and in need of extra hydrating products like masks and serums to keep curls looking extra healthy.

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Ashy Waves like Margot Robbie

Natural Platinum Blonde Hair Margot Robbie

Getty Images

With a color like Margot Robbie's, Perrotti says you can use a variety of pearl, ash, violet, silver, and titanium tones to get a platinum blonde look. The actress usually keeps to a warmer platinum hue, which often combines ashy blonde tones for a more lived-in appearance.

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Teyana Taylor's Blonde Locs

Natural Platinum Blonde Hair Teyana Taylor

Getty Images

Singer-songwriter Teyana Taylor stunned with blonde locs at Versace's Fall 2019 show. This look is a true work of art.

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Gwen Stefani's Icy Looks

Natural Platinum Blonde Hair Gwen Stefani

Getty Images

The Italian-American beauty has managed to make the bleached look work for her tenfold, pairing various icy blonde hues with perfectly coordinated makeup and some serious confidence over the years.

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Taylor Swift's Short Shag

Natural Platinum Blonde Hair Taylor Swift

Getty Images

Bleachella was an era to remember, as anyone that took notice of Swift's sudden platinum bob in 2016 can attest to. With her typically dirty blonde hair gone, this new platinum shag accompanied an edgier style for the singer, a stark departure from her oft-feminine looks of the past.

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Dua Lipa's Blonde and Black Style

Natural Platinum Blonde Hair Dua Lipa


Dua Lipa went platinum for her Future Nostalgia album release and it totally suits her. She kept a warmer undertone to her bleached look and dyed the underside a deep black color for contrast. Overall, the two-toned look stands out nicely against her olive-toned skin and dark, bold brows.

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Finer Strands like Olivia Colman

Natural Platinum Blonde Hair Olivia Colman

Getty Images

When going platinum, finer hair textures like Olivia Colman's need to start with a lower developer because it will lift faster than a denser texture. Perrotti says this is why he'll use a higher developer on coarser, thicker hair.

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Karrueche Tran's Blonde Bob

Natural Platinum Blonde Hair Karrueche Tran

Getty Images

It's hard to imagine just a few short years ago actress Karrueche Tran was blonde, but here she is at the 2017 BET awards killing it.

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Michelle Williams's Straight Bob

Natural Platinum Blonde Hair Michelle Williams

Getty Images

Like Tran above, Michelle Williams looks ultra-sophisticated in a platinum blonde bob. The shorter style and deep side part suits her face shape and brings out her naturally gorgeous features.

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Soo Joo Park's Iconic Color

Natural Platinum Blonde Hair Soo Joo Park

Getty Images

Soo Joo is known for her platinum style, and she totally rocks this high-fashion look.

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P!nk's Platinum Pixie

Natural Platinum Blonde Hair Pink

Getty Images

P!nk's skin borders on olive-toned, and the singer's warmer complexion looks fantastic with her bleached locks. 

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Rosé's Soft Strands

Natural Platinum Blonde Hair Rosé Blackpink

Getty Images

When she's not playing with pink tones to match her name, Rosé from Blackpink is known to effortlessly rock a natural platinum look. Consistent touch-ups and matching bleached brows make everything feel soft and seamless.

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Rose Byrne's Sleek Look

Natural Platinum Blonde Hair Rose Byrne

Getty Images

Actress Rose Byrne went platinum and we can honestly say we're loving it. Warm tones and the slightest amount of root give her hair a natural feel.

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Shakira's Natural Roots

Natural Platinum Blonde Hair Shakira

Getty Images

Shakira's worn different versions of platinum hair for a long time. Here, her slightly grown-out roots give her hair an additional dimension, while darker lowlights also bring back depth that platinum and ash-blonde cool tones can strip away.

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Platinum Curls Like Jasmine Sanders

Natural Platinum Blonde Hair Jasmine Sanders


Jasmine Sanders' platinum curls are so dreamy. Starting from a lighter base shade, embracing a natural, healthy texture, and finding the perfect platinum shade for your skin tone are all great ways to create a seamless look.

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Cropped Like Carey Mulligan

Natural Platinum Blonde Hair Carey Mulligan

Getty Images

Actress Carey Mulligan's hair has been colored a variety of shades. Here, her platinum hair cut into a short style, from around the time she filmed The Great Gatsby, looks delightfully sharp.

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Cynthia Erivo's Ultra-Cropped Look

Natural Platinum Blonde Hair Cynthia Erivo

Getty Images

Cynthia Erivo has made platinum hair one of her signatures over the years, proving how stunning the shade can look against any skin tone. By keeping her brows minimal and allowing the slightest bit of darker color around the edges, Erivo constantly looks like she was born to have platinum hair.

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Klossy's Blonde

Natural Platinum Blonde Hair Karlie Kloss


Karlie Kloss briefly dabbled in platinum before returning to her usual sandy blonde. We've got to say the brighter hue was a really stellar way to switch up her color without straying too far.

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Zac Efron's Almost White Style

Zac Efron Platinum Hair

Getty Images

When Zac Efron debuted a white/platinum look at Sundance, it was a move nobody saw coming. He's been known to change his hair up in the past, sporting frosted tips or a crimped style back in the day, but this all-over white platinum style was unprecedented for the actor.

  • Which skin tone does platinum blonde hair best suit?

    If done well, Alexe says platinum can suit pretty much anyone, though it's not a color that will enhance everyone's skin tone without a bit of effort to create an overall look, he says. Think of platinum not as a natural "I woke up like this" moment, but instead as a statement color that you can use to complement great makeup and a killer outfit.

  • What products are best for maintaining platinum blonde hair?

    Both Alexe and Perrotti tout the Olaplex treatments and shampoo which help add protein back into lightened hair. They're both also fans of L'Oreal's haircare. Alexe loves Smart Bond Strengthening System and Perrotti likes the Absolut Repair Gold QUINOA ($15).

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