5 Natural Metabolism Boosters You Probably Haven't Tried Yet

We pick the brains of models day in and day out, constantly prying into their medicine cabinets and kitchen cupboards in an attempt to uncover their elusive model secrets. In these endeavors, we hear a lot about eating clean and avoiding sugar, but rarely do we hear diet tips from a model who also happens to have her degree in nutritional science. That's exactly what we found in Alicia Rountree. The Mauritian model (she's got the island hair and bronzed glow to prove it) is also a certified nutritionist and restaurateur (she has to be able to put her knowledge into practice, right?), and today she's sharing her secrets with us.

Alicia Rountree

Did you know that fueling your body with certain foods and nutrients can actually make your body burn more fat and speed up your metabolism? A boosted metabolism is vital to your body functioning properly. A low metabolism can be the cause of you feeling tired, sluggish, or even catching your last cold. To begin, I recommend staying away from bread, pasta, and processed foods, all of which tend to sabotage a running metabolism. A plant-based, organic, whole food diet is the first step to better health. Another good tip: Don't skip breakfast! Think of your body as a vehicle—it needs fuel to get from point A to B. Lastly, staying active, chewing your food well, accessing sunshine, keeping hydrated, and getting enough sleep are vital to a properly functioning metabolism. Keep reading for my five favorite natural metabolism boosters, all of which can be added to your current diet.


Berries—especially strawberries—help curb cravings and in turn lower glucose levels. Strawberries are low in calories and full of vitamin C that helps support your body's metabolism by helping it burn more fat.

Green Tea

Studies show that drinking green tea helps burn calories as well. Brew a high-quality green tea every day for an increased metabolic rate and added health benefits.


Almonds are very nutrient dense and provide "good" calories. They keep you feeling full longer, giving your metabolism plenty of time to process and break down fats. Plus, they're an easy snack to pack and carry with you throughout the day while you're on the go.


This magical root promotes healthy digestion and is thermogenic, meaning it is a warming food. This helps send fat-burning signals to your brain, giving your metabolism a jump. For added convenience, ginger can also be taken in a powdered form or ingested as capsules.


Beans are an incredible ingredient to feature regularly in your diet because of their many benefits. They're very high in fiber and protein, both of which keep your metabolism accelerated for hours after you eat.

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